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My daughters school. ! Stoneman In Florida! I am blessed she cane home alive !! NOW ! I am not afraid of guns. Been around them my whole life ! Got my 1st 12 guage duck gun at 11 years old. But times have changed. 18 years olds buying ar15 is out of line. There not grown up enough. Not these days. What’s the difference. There is a different. My 12 guage could kill a few people / not 100s. We have a right to drive / but we don’t have a right to drive a tank at 18. Reasonable restrictions would save thousand of lives. Having no restriction. Age / training / education is just crazy. And it took my daughter being in a room with a crazy kid blowing people , kids away for me to realize that. I 100 percent guarantee if all the ar 15 owners were put in my shoes with there daughter or son in a room with a kid killing her friends and he bought the weapon leagully with almost no reasonable checks on him. You would change your mind as I have. Maybe that’s what it will take. Enough gun owners experience what I have. Bring this killing to your household and your mind will be changed forever. This message comes from a Person who believes in the right to bear arms from childhood. God bless


If the State didn't have these daytime prisons for children & young adults, there wouldn't be 1000's of them sitting there as targets. State's cops didn't do anything to protect them either--and, btw, the cops don't even HAVE a legal duty to protect citizens. And, finally, you assume that the Parkland story told by the media & the rest of the Left is true. I seriously doubt you are pro-gun freedom either, or you wouldn't be reacting so hysterically.

I would not say hysterical ! I’d be curious to see if your child was shot at you n school!! How you would react

More kids die of the flu than being shot. You are either in the grips of a hysteria, lying, or both.

And I have been pro gun my whole life. My family of hunters have had guns for 4 generations. I am still pro gun in general. I changed my mind on an 18 year old kid buying ar15 s. Plus I don’t believe the back round check system in this country is working.

You want to use guns to ban 18 y.o.'s (who are legal ADULTS) from buying guns...the irony & arrogance is incredible.

My neighbors kid is dead !!! That is DEAD !! 15 years old. That kind of thing forces you to look at the big picture. And some minor changes in our system to save lives. Woujd be a good thing.

No, that kind of thing makes your FEELZ drown out your intellect, which is exactly why politicians use these times to scare people into falling for their authoritarian BS.

That's really terrible. I'm sorry for the lost of your neighbor child, and the grief and fear you are experiencing.

Maybe it's not the time to ask and maybe I should have waited a longer time, but I don't know if that is the case.

And I like to ask you a question that you by know means need to answer, but that may lay out what it's about ......and maybe show you another, of the many, sides of the big picture.

Lets assume you have the big picture, would you feel justified to come, with weapons, to my door to take the means of defense for me and my family, from me, by way of thread of violence and if I don't obey the use of violence?

Would you feel justified to hire a giant group of people with guns and give them the command to do that for you with the permission to murder someone who does not eventually obey your will of having those guns removed, via that group of people?

I think you would not feel justified to do any of those things..(that's a guess).. but by way of asking the government you are doing what is said in the second question. I hope you can see that in a way.

I wish you strength.

(English is not my native language, so I may have said something, not in a way as it's suppose to be said)

My guess is that you're a liar who is pretending to know one of the alleged victims of alleged-shooter Cruz, so that your comments will carry more weight.

  1. This is an unsupported (and false) assertion: "Reasonable restrictions would save thousand of lives." 2) No, if my daughter was almost killed, I wouldn't irrationally and immorally demand state violence against millions of people I don't know. Your mind was not changed. Your FEELZ were changed. As a result, you are asking "government" to grab more power. The SAME "government" that CREATED the defenseless victim zones in schools to begin with, and then FAILED to protect the kids--the cowardly pigs staying outside. And the same "government" that got dozens of warnings about that kid in particular, and did nothing.

I am sure that was a very scary thing, how are any of those things the problem and not the fact the authorities were called over 45 times and never arrested him or referred him to be committed? It's not possible that any law about AR-15s could save 1000s of lives. At 18 you could drive a semi just like the guy used in Nice to kill more people than anyone ever has with a gun. My child's school received one of a series of high profile threats, I didn't blame the telephone.

Well I just dont agree , That kid likely would of killed a few people with a differant gun , But not 17 people , Officials will allways drop the ball , I don;t trust them . Thats the reason I have never in the past been for banning guns or changing my right to bear arms , But after this I have come to believe that 18 is to young to buy ar15 s .

Do you at least realize that there are DOZENS of semi-auto guns just as powerful, or more powerful, than AR-15s?

you seem to have made the best argument against yourself. you should listen to yourself, now you trust the authorities?
I've seen a kid who can get off 6 rounds a minute with a muzzle loading rifle, there are a bunch of them, they have contests, how many minutes did the shooter have?

It didn't have to be an AR-15. It could have been handguns, or a machete, or running a rented van into a sporting event, or any of a number of other things. Someone bent on causing a lot of casualties will find a way to do it, regardless of what laws are in place. The act of committing murder itself says the person obviously does not believe in the law. Age has very little to do with maturity overall. Picking an arbitrary age for 'responsibility' is really just blowing smoke. There are 12 year olds out there that I would trust to be responsible with firearms unsupervised, and there are 40 year olds that I wouldn't. A person't age is really irrelevant.

In this individual's case, he obviously had some mental issues going on. He was reported for it multiple times with no action taken. He tried to get help himself and no effective action was taken (a common theme with mass shooters). Blaming the tool used is just misplaced anger, I think.