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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

I could not help but notice the caution in your words. You say you 'hope' new technology 'might' bring about the change we need. I'm very skeptical by nature so I tend to be very cautious as far as dreams or hopes are concerned.
Maybe our best bet is indeed higher awareness, but the problem is so many people are busy running around to meet all the deadlines in their lives that they don't even take a second to question their fate.
What we need is more people having a 'WTF' moment, like @demostene puts it. (so glad to see he's a fellow countryman!)


You noticed that very well @ladyrebecca, i was very cautious with my words for the same reason as you mentioned; i am not too convinced and skeptical. I do have the same feelings with the higher awareness idea so yes, we need a massive WTF moment, a massive change of perception, growth of awareness but OMG, WTF, another hope, another dream, i have the feeling my next post is going to be about a serious depression here :-) Will spend some time with my children in the next days hoping (omg, again) that i see some new generation light in there as @onetree was describing. Thanks for your comment @ladyrebecca, you got me thinking here...

I'm sure spending time with the kids it's the best thing you can do.