The World According to Trumpites (1)

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The world according to Trumpites:

a) Several thousand unarmed men, women and children, escaping a crappy situation in their country of origin, walking towards the U.S. = "A horrible invasion, and we need Trump to call out an army to violently repel them!"

b) Several thousand heavily armed U.S. troops go to a foreign country on the other side of the world and start killing people, including civilians, and blowing shit up. = "Meh, whatever. Perfectly fine. Spreading freedom. Murica!"


"But... but... they might do something we don't like!"

The level of irrational rationalization for borders enforced by violence through nation state governments while at the SAME TIME being the actual aggressors across someone else's made up imaginary lines never ceases to amaze me.

Our borders are proper ones; those other borders over in the Middle East are just pretend lines in the dirt.

"Hurray for our tribe."

In many ways, we're just hairless chimpanzees, barely down from the trees.

Larken: That is totally different you see they have weapons of mass destruction....maybe they do...ok probably not....oh none one found any? Oh well good thing we acted swiftly and killed all those civilians because they might have really done something.

4D chess is all fun and games until the pawns start moving themselves.

Spread that FREEDOM!!

Because we need more time to talk about sports!

Trumpites!? I think you mean Trump Fucks. You are just being nice Larken. You can't be nice to these fuckers.

Regardless of Trump...both parties spread moar war...but your message is spot on

Violently repel them?? You dumb ass. They aren't being deployed to gun down unarmed civilians, rather to assist the border patrol in processing and maintaining order. This isn't the first time the military has been deployed on the southern border, Obama and Bush also utilized the military at the border during their terms when confronted with large numbers of refugees. Get your head out of your ass.

"Processing and maintaining order," huh? Could you possibly be any more Orwellian? Since the vast majority of the people coming up do not have the "legal" permission of the U.S. ruling class to be here, feel free to literally and specifically describe what that "processing and maintaining order" entails. (And the fact that Bush and Obama did similar evil crap doesn't make it good.)

Processing/ verification that each individual qualifies for political asylum, as we're told that's what the migrants will claim in order to enter the US. Maintaining order/ preventing entry to US until processing and verification of asylum status is granted, and provide security until such time. Nothing Orwellian about enforcing law and order unless you want to argue the current laws regarding immigration are Orwellian, in which case you should work to repeal or change the laws, instead of beating up on Trump and his supporters for enforcement of current law. Feel free to literally and specifically describe what "violently repels" entails.

"Nothing Orwellian about enforcing law and order." That might be the funniest thing I've read all week.

If you think Trump intends to let them all in after they fill out paperwork, that's pretty amazing. But since you asked, I will gladly literally and specifically describe what "violently repel" entails: MEN WITH GUNS using threats of violent, or overt physical force, to keep people from stepping over an arbitrary, imaginary line.

"Those troops are granting you the freedom to be able to write posts like this" (on a shirt I actually read that they're fighting for your freedom to burn the flag, or something...)

The best part is how it usually ends: "The troops are fighting for your right to express your opinions ... so shut up!"

Hahah! Of course!

Larken -

I think Jake Morphonios has the best label "Trump Cultists".

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aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA


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