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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

It´s all in the mind!
Therefore I would like more people, to not think, that it is normal and necessary to be ruled by some form of government. Regarding the education of the masses in that respect, I very much like the works of Larken Rose, his youtube videos, The Mirror and Candles in the Dark Projects.


Looked into Larken Rose, i guess he will have some valid contra-tax statements but what he tried legally is a joke, he would have gotten more chance (still 0%) to approach it from the Freedom standpoint. We had somebody in Belgium making a point from that standpoint and he got very far but lost finally in the European court in Den Haag. Those are heroic actions, i remember also somebody (a law professor actually) sueing the government because he was ammended for not carrying a passport. Same story, big headlines and final loss in the European court. It is bad for the moral, everybody gets hope and then concludes that nothing can be done. Some form of government is needed, we have to redesign it, to be ruled by it sounds harsh and not needed in a literal sense indeed, love.

Let me do some research on all this, i'll come back to you :-)