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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

I love your post @bubke.
You highlight something that many people can't see, the need for government and the fact that governments aren't what most people think they are and they're not going to save our world, they are in fact the ones creating the issues!

Your solution is very insightful. We can think that working on ourselves and our own issues isn't enough, but it changes how we react with the world and the more people who do this the aware humanity becomes and the more it will have to change to be in alignment with the new beliefs of humanity.


Yes @michellecarter, well said, the butterfly wings leading to the hurricane, i almost lost my hope yesterday after reading many comments, thanks for turning it around again!

Governments along with other authority do a really good job of making us think they are working for us and doing lots of good, whilst the money is syphoned off behind the scenes. This is a huge concept for people to take on and accept, (hence the need for feeling the Truth!)

I'm pleased my comments have helped you, it's great to feel supported in the 'down' moments so we can spring back quicker! :)