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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

No we don't NEED governments, governments are established by powerful people to get MORE power.

Governments are used to control people and tax them. The average person has now been conditioned to actually believe that they DO NEED governments.

Though even back in the day before guns or cars the king would pay mercenaries to raid villages so they would NEED protection. Then the king would say, see you need my army by solders and the fear of a king. Pay your taxes and I will protect you. 9/11 EXACT same thing.

So it may appear based upon how irresponsible and dependent humans are that we do need governments but that is simply a result of conditioning.


Finally, was waiting on you, what would a post like this be without your comment? The symbolic 50th comment on this post, now i can let go of this matter :-)
You are off course fully right, we don't need governments and the so called need of them has been forced in very ugly ways. It's exactly that last part that turns a natural manifesting organisation into some ugly beast, that's a spot on remark because i was looking for the elements that turn it around. The other one probably being the element of power/money that automatically comes into play when a select few get to decide for the others. Nice one, love and thanks!

I am grateful that this and other comments are valued by you. it is part of the reason why I am sure to leave comments on your posts. The other is that you regularly make posts worth some contribution to the discussion as you post about things with value.

I am grateful we found each other here on Steemit and that we are helping each other and Steemit as a whole have a better experience!

Will look out for your next post. SteemON!