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Ultimately, we'll have to wait the end of humanity to see an end to the traits that define it, including but not limited to (in light of the post's context) authority (superiority), citizenship (inferiority), freedom/crime/anarchy (frustration, anger, rebellion) ..etc, because unfortunately, humanity can't simply "be".

The human race mostly speaks for itself, if it does not like something, it will reach a breaking point at which they decide to change it, in the end - doomed to repeat it's mistakes - humanity somehow goes back to the beginning of the circle, again.

Humanity is a flaw, but flawed doesn't mean bad, there's no good or bad from a purely objective point of view, that said, it does has a fairly vivid, colorful charm.

Personally, i'd rather let things take their course, observe, listen, learn and improve, and maybe, at some point, i'll share my life's musings through practical means.


Hi @sandstrider, what an amazing comment, i feel blessed today. A few weeks ago, I saw a post on Steemit showing that our growing population is flattening out. Humanity reaches adulthood, it was called and then some statistics were shown how much land we could all have etc. I was dreaming away in lucid colors, imagine we could just share this beautiful planet. What you say is a lot more realistic and i notice - also in my post - that the doomed idea is somewhat filtered out of my mind, i would say that hope gives more sense to my life. I am clearly a dreamer, the mind comes in many forms :-) I truly enjoyed your writing, everybody makes me see things in different light today. Respect and thanks. I keep on rereading some on your phrases, 'a farily vivid, colorful charm', 'sharing life's musings through practical means', 'to see an end to the traits that define it', beautiful.

You flatter me, thank you.

I like to keep a certain balance between both hope and realism, so as not to have baseless dreams, and having said that, your hope is not so far fetched as to say it's a dream.

As a race, we're nothing if unpredictable, we've blown realism out of the way more than once to evolve (as we usually do), I do however take a more passive approach to it all, I like to observe, learning how everything works takes time and patience, and as I pointed in my last article, our way of relaying information is particularly flawed, but maybe i'll find a good way to do just that.

Trying to find a way to not re-create past mistakes is a serious undertaking, a lesson that we don't seem to get yet, and one of the reasons to this is, is it's complexity, because we'd literally be nothing but logical robots without humane feelings if we did.

In our lives, if we try to avoid a certain mistake, we end up falling in another, or so i've learnt, that's why a different approach is always needed, THAT is what humanity is all about, to learn, adapt and be creative.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

  • Albert Einstein

This quote is my favorite on the matter, as are all of Einstein's quotes, really. Your post is one to think hard about.

Wise words again @sandstrider, clarifies a lot what you said before. I noticed i followed and unfollowed you a while ago bevause of too many resteems, following you again, please resteem a bit less :-). I would like to hear you. xxx

I'll try. :))

I've only posted about 3 times, though, so you haven't missed out on much.

Hey you, are you still around?

Wow, can you share the article :-o