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RE: "Eeeek, an AR-15 !!!"

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i'm from Australia, we have to apply for a licence and register firearms, if during the application for a liscence we stated " i want a firearm to kill people " we wont be getting a liscence. infact " home defence " will disqualify you too.
%90 of our population are urban-based.
there are more registered firearms in public hands now than before the buyback and gun ban. though no semi-auto weapons are allowed except for special purposes and then only 5 round mags.
A clunky old ww2 era m1 is a lesser danger. i mean it has to be held against a shoulder to fire. tho given a choice of do you want to be shot by a 5.56 or a 7.62 ill take the 5.56
I guess i am just posting to say i envy your freedoms over there


If during the gun buying process in America you say "" I want a firearm to kill people " they won't sell it to you. Unless you are a criminal buying from another criminal, the people who actually shoot people. I wouldn't want to be shot with anything.

in most (all?) states you don't have to give any reason when you buy a gun. however, in some states, a permit to carry concealed requires "good cause", for which in some counties "self-defense" would be enough, and in others would get you denied.

Mostly in those cases it has to do with whether you are white or not and/or how well you know the white police chief or sheriff.

in 98% of successful defensive gun use it is not even necessary to actually fire much less kill anyone. So "home defense" and "I want to kill people" are not the same thing are they?

Then claim your own freedom: are you a Citizen or a Free, Independent Sovereign.