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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

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Enjoyed, the article, Yes and can see how much the government dislikes us who live off-grid, they have less control, and that we are semi nomadic too...All over the world nomadic people are persecuted due to this. Where I live in South Spain there are more and more people popping up wanting to live as far out of the goverments clutches as possible, even if thats a small bit its all in the positive decentralizing direction, in answer to your question what do i believe would make a positive impact on humanity...i'd say growing our food together and eating it together :-)

Off Grid Mama, Eco Builder, Handmade Boots Maker, Wilderness junkie, yoga teacher, Natural Horsemanship, Life loving!

Oh my God, don't know how you found me but happy you did :-)

Following with you with loads of pleasure, love to see the truck-life community taking off here, big hug to Mark. My children are a bit older (11 & 14), we just moved from the mountains in South India to Goa as they were really bored of sitting on the mountaintop and want to experience more (activities, other children). We are looking at South Europe as well, i am waiting on Mark to find the spot actually :-), the difficult part is the schooling as homeschooling is not an option for now, considering e.g. Orgiva.

Much love beautiful ama

Hello! im really starting to enjoy this Steemit and the beautiful connections!, Yep its kinda like be were the kids are happiest and then life is easier for everyone! its funny cause id really love to leave Orgiva and go up into the high mountains but right now i can hear my son and marks kids along with ashlinns kids having a wild fun time outside my van! He has fun 24/7 here and i cant move him right now! and its a great area for kids, they are young enough for the free school but there is also a really great programme run for older kids, where the kids choose as many subjects as they like ranging from maths and science to sewing and carpentry with people experienced in teaching these subjects that live around here, kids share class costs as in two kids in a class...5 euro each. then they can take the english GCSEs or spanish exams later when they feel ready, a great guy called andy organizes it. wishing you a smooth transition from mountains to coast :-) lovely to make contact! best wishes Fran

You are clearly a great soul Fran, sending you all love from India. People come here looking for guru's not recognising the guru in their own children. Going with the flow of your children is surrendering to the guru, way to go, much love

We are not far in the new year yet, but this is the nicest and the wisest I heard for a long time. :-)

Hey there, thanks for your beautiful words. Seeing the beauty in this tells me a lot about your beauty, unstoppable shower of beautiful souls here on Steemit.
I see 2 grown up children, are they +20? Mine are 11 & 14 yr, getting closer :-). I see many, many with children -10 and sometimes difficult to connect as they don't see the big change that happens half way. Anyway, bit short on time now, will follow to see what you're up to, much, much love.

:-) my children are 26 and 27 girl and boy @wanderingkells and @james-hugo, but both still at home. Thank you for your kind words. I keep an eye on what you write ! :-)