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Picture a Protest at the White House that Forced the Entire US Gov’t to Resign!

Picture US Citizens Rewriting the Constitution via Crowd-Sourcing!

Picture Nationalizing the Major Banks!

Picture Jailing the Bankers!

Iceland Revolution Parliament Fire.jpg

Welcome to Your Potential Reality!

In 2009, that’s exactly what happened with the Icelandic Pots and Pans Revolution - if they can do it - why can’t we?

That is a question worth posing and a very recent example of a peaceful, anarchistic, revolutionary resistance that succeeded - surely that makes it worthy of investigation!

VIDEO TRAILER - Icelanders Overthrow Their Government and Rewrite Their Constitution After Banking Fraud!

Truth Fears No Investigation - Let's Investigate!


I aim to cover stories that you may not see elsewhere. I will not attempt to tell you what to do. I will present facts, unique and contemplative perspectives, opinions, strategies and insights, pose questions and share potential solutions with you. I will leave it up to you (and trust you) to decide what you should to do with the information that I am presenting.

I support decentralization and I invite you to contiune reading.

Background to the Icelandic Financial / Banking Crisis

greedy bankers Iceland Federal Reserve.jpg

Historically speaking Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe at the end of the WW2. It had long been a colony of Denmark, only gaining independence in 1944. Its colonial history ensured that it was pre-destined to be controlled by the 14 (fourteen) families, commonly referred to as 'The Octopus', which constituted of the economic and historical, ruling and political elite of Iceland (globalists).

The Octopus was not a formal group. The Octpous reflected the fact that 14 families contolled practically every major industry in Iceland. The Octopus projected its power through its control over the country’s most powerful political party, the Independence Party; many of the parties leaders were members of Octopus families.

A second, less powerful group of families was referred to as 'The Squid'. The Squid dominated the Progressive Party, which often served as the Independence Parties coalition partner in forming Gov't.

In 1991 Iceland, (along with most other Western allied Govt's that are committed to a corrupt, geo-politcal agenda designed to enslave us) began an aggressive program of bank (and public sector) privatizations that inevitably caused hyper-expansion of 3 (three) major Icelandic banks.

Icelands 'new economic model' was fueled by huge stock market and housing bubbles that made Iceland’s per capita GDP one of the highest in world in under than 15 years.

Iceland was seemingly a shining example of what progressive, capitalism and privitization in a media-hyped world could achieve - until....

The Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst Global Financial Crisis Iceland.jpg

Iceland Currency and GDP Growth.png

Iceland’s economy collapsed in October 2008 when 3 (three) major banks were forced into bankruptcy while Iceland experienced one of the deepest economic downturns in modern history.

Iceland is a nation of a little over 300,000 people. With the Icelandic Minimum Deposit Guarantee already enshrined in legislation most Icelandic citizens found themselves left carrying debts of €20,887 (each) due to the corrupt decisions that the politicians and bankers entered into behind closed doors.

The UK & Netherlands Govt's were 'owed' £2.35 Billion.

The UK & Netherlands Gov't demanded repayment in full whilst the citizens of Iceland argued that they knew nothing about the secret and covert actions of their Gov't, the Octopus, the Squid and the banksters in the years preceding the collapse.

The Icelandic Gov't had no choice other than to refuse to repay the debt that had been accumulated on the basis that Iceland had lost access to the global credit markets due to the globally engineered financial crisis that swept across the world between 2007-2009. A debate ensued about how much responsibilty Iceland should bear and this debate ultimately went through a series of referendums wherein the citizens of Iceland rejected the proposed bilateral loan guarantees that were offered to it by the UK & Netherlands.

This created a standoff - so what did the UK Gov't do?

UK Gov't Declares Iceland a Terror Regime & Freezes Its Assets

Icelandic anger at UK terror move.png

Icelands National Bank (Landsbanki) Listed alongside Al-Qaeda & North Korea as a Terrorist Regime

HMTreasury Landsbanki Iceland Terror Listing.jpg

War on Terror?

I want you to support the War on_terror Uncle Sa.jpg

When George W. Bush declared a 'War on Terror' he (and the globalists), knew that they were beginning a war that may never end and in my opinion, they did it intentionally (see Related Posts below).

Terror isn't a country, it isn't even a movement or idealogy. Terror is whatever the State deems it to be on any given day and they keep moving the goal-posts. We can clearly see that the definition of 'terror' is widening - one day in the not too distant future it will be a dragnet that will capture any person that disagrees with the Gov't - just you wait and see.

Govt's of the world have already begun pre-programming the masses with terms like 'domestic terrorist' - this will soon give them a license to 'terrorize' their very own citizens i.e. you and me!

Domestic Terrorism Definition.png

  • Like driving a car dangerously or skate-boarding maybe?

  • Like 'appearing intended' to influence Gov't policy by 'cohersion' e.g protesting or civil disobedience?

  • First Amendment - Anyone?

You are the Terrorist of the Future and the Gov't Has You in Their Sight

Domestic terror Sniper Target Citizens.jpg

The Gov't is the Terrorist

The decision by the UK Gov't to list the national bank of Iceland as a terror regime set in motion an existing set of pre-established protocols that amongst other things:

  • Froze Icelands international assets
  • Ceased the free supply of credit to Iceland
  • Severely disrupted trade (import/export) and local businesses that impacted every citizen
  • Restricted the travel movements of Icelanders
  • All in one foul-swoop


Because the UK Gov't said so, that's why!

If they can list Iceland as a terror regime - how difficult is it for them to list any citizen as a terrorist?

Icelands Citizen Response = Pots & Pans Revolution (Full Movie)

In a response that to this very day is unique in Europe, the Icelandic people united, and ultimately forced the entire Gov't to resign. They elected a coalition government that aggressively intervened in the financial and housing markets whilst supporting the expansion of highly targeted social programs. They also nationalized their banks, rewrote their Constitution via crowd-sourcing and imprisoned the bankers.

Let Banks Fail Iceland President.jpg

Arrest the Bankers.jpg

The Result - Iceland - 15th Best Country for Business within 6 Years - Forbes

Forbes Iceland 15th Best Country for Business.jpg

Iceland experienced one of Europe’s greatest financial turnarounds.

iceland president explans how iceland recovered .jpg

US Mainstream Media Remains Silent

Iceland Revolution is Not Being Televised.jpg

This all began in 2008 yet there has been little, to no coverage of the Pots & Pans Revolution by US mainstream media outlets - why? The events that unfolded in Iceland were covered by international journalists and news bureaus and it was widely reported by the alternative news media - but the US mainstream media has (for the most part) deemed the Pots & Pans Revolution at best, un-newsworthy and most likely far too dangerous for US citizens to see!

CNN - How Come We Hear Everything That Happens in Egypt but No News about What’s Happening in Iceland?

CNN iReport ICELAND. Why No news from Iceland Po.jpg

in 2012 CNN posted a statement on its website stating: “We’ve noticed a CNN iReport has being widely shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. Please note that this article was posted in May 2012. CNN has not yet verified the claims and we’re working to track down the original writer.”

The CNN iReport article originally appeared on CNN Europe who had already covered the protests and the forced resignation of the Gov't - so why on earth does CNN USA need to 'look into' the claims seeing that was already reported by CNN Europe?

The Pots & Pans Revolution was ignored by US mainstream media, fact - why? The New York Times published a few fragmentary stories but it didn't adequately cover the most important points or expose the corrupt politicians and bankers that caused the collapse of Icelands economy.

Iceland Pots & Pans Revolution - Full Movie (In Case You Missed it Earlier)

My next post will share some unique insights into the US Presidential Elections and what we can do to peacefully overthrow the Gov't and disrupt the status-quo - Follow Me - I Haven't Even Warmed Up Yet - Truth Will Out!

Potential Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Why did the US mainstream media ignore this important story?
  • What would happen if US citizens marched on the White House with pots and pans?
  • Why did Iceland experience an economic miracle after nationaizing its banks and overthrowing its Gov't?
  • Ask Questions - Don't Accept BS Answers!

If You Seek Truth You Have Found a Home - Join Me on a Journey of Discovery!

No Topic is Too Big, Controversial or Off-Limit - Follow Me for Truth!

Yours in Truth


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Icelanders Overthrow Government and Rewrite Constitution After Banking Fraud

Lessons from Iceland - Capitalism, Crisis, and Resistance

CNN iReport - ICELAND. No news from Iceland?… why?

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I have followed this story since it first happened and am amazed, although I shouldn't be, by the complete silence on the topic by the main streem media. Your post is very well written and informative. I already follow you and have upvoted and resteemed this post. Very good job @steemtruth I'm also suggesting it for @steemplus and @steemmag. I would curate it for @steemtrail but I can only do that if you change the first tag to story. Thanks for making this post.

Thank you for the support @luzcypher and for recommending it. I would change the first tag but it's not possible as the platform doesn't allow it, not for me anyway. If you know how I can edit please let me know.

You should be able to click edit at the bottom of the post and you'll get the editor page. Then just change it. Anyway, looks like your post is doing very well all on its own. Congratulations.

Thanks. I don't get the markdown editor version when I try to edit. I use a 3rd party editor and paste it. Is that why I can't edit my 1st tag? All other tags are editable.


I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it.

Great blog post, It's really nice to have a fresh reminder of this moment in a more detailed way. I remember hearing about this happening many year ago and wanting to create the same change in the U.S. but getting side tracked and completely forgetting it was even possible :(

Flooded media and entertainment really works. Even with the fact that I don't really watch that much of either.

Thank you and I'm glad that you were aware of it and even more pleased that you don't consume much mainstream media. All the best

It's rare to find people like this who are so like minded in many ways coming together for one common purpose. Feels Great!

I was but I wish It was easier to create in the U.S. Yes I do not yet it still affects me.
I really enjoy your writing because it expose the corruption yet it doesn't feed off of it. I am not going to name any names (cough Alex Jones cough) but some writers/podcast feed off/only focus on profit of the exposing the corruption instead of exposing it for the main purpose of truth. I feel you do this well without becoming a fanatic like some of the others do.

Thanks for saying and your feedback is valuable. I have only recently started here but my aim in time is to cover a fairly broad range of topics with truth being the central theme. One topic may resonate with one person and not with another.

Hopefully I can light a little spark, a question or a doubt in someone's mind and they can begin their awakening and conduct their own research. For those of us that already awake they may learn something new or be inspired to talk to someone else about it.

The aim is to spread truth as quickly as possible because that can lead to change and I hate seeing people being lied to. It is a travesty that most people live their entire lives, and die not knowing the truth. I want to play my little role in changing that. People are at different stages and I'm trying to keep it real and meet them where they are.

Thanks again for your comment. I appreciate it.

Your welcome, Thank you for your appreciation. I support your movement. Like I said before their is a lot of disinfo propaganda & fanatical "truthers" (WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! Subscribe to help be awakened for a small monthly fee). Who present the same information in a different way and it take away from the message of awareness and action.

Yes, you already have. With this post I was remind of the great successful revolution by iceland, which I had forgotten about. Perfect, helping people gain awareness of new perspectives for themselves.

Me too, I remember the last lie that I believed to be true and being shocked that it was not true was about Gaddafi. It ok though, everyone is expanding in their own time. That why I have problem with the fanatics yelling at the people for not accepting new information that isn't "normal" because in the end they actually push those people away from the possibility of them learning through self exploration. You do great with not being like this, just presenting the information how it is and giving link and resources for self study.

Anytime, keep up the good work.

Iceland, the real land of the free. Where corrupt bankers get jailed and freedom of speech exists

I too, love this post of yours, @steemtruth! Ever since Iceland sloughed the money lenders chains, It has been one of my favorite topics. Thanks for your work putting this post together. I agree that it is valuable information to be sharing. The more who know what's really possible, the better.

On a side note, I have it on facebook-friend authority that this is actually a genuine Icelandic lullaby:

Icelandic lullaby. Sleep, you black-eyed pig. Fall into a deep pit full of ghosts

@ballinconscious, you mentioned how effective all of the TV & media are at controlling the narrative, a topic that has been on my mind of late.

"Indeed, the media has revealed itself to be the enthusiastic propaganda arm of the federal government. The government, who we see from their consistent actions, represent the highest bidding corporate entity. Nothing less than full-bore, cutting edge psy-ops techniques and technologies are brought to bear to manipulate the perceptions and opinions of the populace."
-Father Mayhem

I think now is the time to embody, "United we stand, divided we fall."

It is so easy to blame "the sheeple." However, when one considers how much stress, worry, concern, anger, frustration and the general disruption everyone experiences via media, the two party narrative, nuisance laws, economic inequality, etc., it is a wonder that people hold it together as much as we do!

The less criticizing we do of each other, and the more criticizing and accurate blaming we do of our leaders and the shareholders of the behemoth (corporeal) corporations, in whose interest so much destruction and destabilization is committed, the better we will all do at turning this destructive tide.

Nevermind the fact that when one says "If only people weren't so stupid", one is making a judgement call about billions of people that one does not actually know anything about, whatsoever. Yet we find this such an easy stance to take. I know I have at times. So I'm bucking the trend.

Cheers and thanks for the great content both in the main post and all of the commenting!

It's so refreshing to see someone standing up and sharing some truly valuable information. I'm excited to see what else you have to share, as it's time for the truth to be known. Thanks for putting yourself out there. Upvoting, following and resteeming! So glad you were in the Steemplus newspaper--I found you there.

Thank you for your support @everlove. There is so much more more that I want to share and it's comments like yours that encourage me to write and research faster.

All the very best to you and your loved ones truth-seeker!

Glad to support the truth. You likely know @quinneaker from the @gardenofeden. We are building paradise in community and standing for what we believe to be honorable. We'll all shine the light together. Thanks for showing up!

Yes I do know @quinneaker and I've been following you guys almost as long as I have been on steemit. You are setting a great example for others and hopefully others will be inspired and replicate what you are doing - and you're helping others in the process. It doesn't get much better than that!

Thanks for your acknowledgement. And what great is that is feels so amazing doing it. Will you be at Steemfest?

Unfortunately not, I'm caring for a sick family member at the moment who is on a long journey of recovery. It's a shame as I have family in Holland and I have lived and worked in Amsterdam. It's a great city.

How is your quest to attend coming along?

We should use those teflon pans they told us were safe.

Love it - why not?


Thank you for featuring my post on @steemplus. I'm a fan of what you are doing with the newspaper. It must take quite a bit of your time - your efforts are noted and appreciated.

Thank you for publishing this post in the Steemplus newspaper. This is truly a gem and it is worthy of some attention. Good job--again Steemplus!

Great Post!
I hope this inspires people to grow some balls and stand for the world they want to live in!

Great comment. We can create our own reality!

Yes we can as I have proven with The Garden of Eden!
Living Paradise!

You're doing a lot of great things at the Garden of Eden. It looks like so much fun.

Oh Man!
Not only so much fun but healthy and rewarding!
I am so happy and fulfilled to be living the way we are and to be a part of something that truly benefits so many!

Highly intrigued by this article. Resteemed.

Thank you for sharing.

I really have an appreciation for the power of non-violent revolutions after studying this book.

Gene Sharp: From Dictatorship to Democracy

You can retitle it if you want: From Oligarchy to Freedom

Just keep all of the words the same.

I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

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Such detailed information about Iceland I read for the first time. Although I am not interested in this country especially.
But governments are not only a problem of immaturity in Iceland. In many countries, the government lags behind the development and needs of the people. Often ossified regimes, by force of habit, as before ...
And how to combine the management of a particular city, region (state), and / or country and / or Union countries?
Here the EU seems to be experiencing problems (can partially) by equalizing conditions for all its members. It warps the economy and standard of living of the different styles and lifestyles of specific individual countries.
It is time to change the rules of diplomacy, but how?