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RE: === Do we need a Government? ===

in #anarchy4 years ago

Ah, I feel you.

All the so-called democracies are a dictatorship too, I think.
A dictator for five years till the next election.

But again, will not life be chaotic if we were all scot-free?If an animal kills another, there's no punishment.

I have seen politics in the animal kingdom too, from my observation of stray dogs I fed near my house. They have territories and 'tribe-chiefs' too, who no dog would mess up.
Back to the point: 'one world, one humanity' would be an excellent idea, nonetheless.


The human-animal comparison is always interesting as yes, we see all these behaviours in the animal world. That's why at the end of the post, i realise there is probably only one way out, us becoming the next evolution, the enlightened fully aware human being and writing that last part, i almost ended up in a depression, we are very far from that :-)

Greek philosophers - Plato and Aristotle talked about enlightened societies.
In 2003, I was into Osho all the time. I remember he mentioned the evolution of the consciousness, not the body. There was an American anthropologist in the Katmandu retreat who thought it's tough to address that question.
But yes, an enlighted humanity should be the solution.