Facebook Faces the Power of BlockChain!...Can Zuck Tame the Beast?

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Will Face book Chain the BlockChain?
I read very interesting article out of Zerohedge that said that Mark Z and his team are figuring out where and ways Block Chain technology can fit into their system. Humm, did I just miss something there...the key words to me when I read the latest yarn from Tyler Durden
was this how and where, better to fit (paraphrase) block chain technology into their system.* A platform like Steemit, in it's inception , was designed with blockchain tech in mind.
Here is my comment on the Article:

*What do you get when you mix FBand crypto without a verified block chain? Isn't it called, half ass centralization? If FB adopts Super media tokens, then I am all for it, Steem On!

It seems the fb platform is built on a mass confusion, misery making algorithm. With censorship leading the way. FB advertisers might not like the FB idea. This article also says that fb has been studing Steemit's vote and reward system. Can you imagine how much more confusing it will be, to look at the interface on your fb page? 500 new white and blue thumbs, buttons and drop down menu's to finally cast a vote? If indeed they are going that way...

*But willing to give 2 cent FB token, as incentive to watch a 2 min big pharma ad about how that new pill will give you 11 new side affects.....might work...

Remember when Coke tried to change their ingredients to compete with pepsi?

I might be wrong, But could it be, in the not to distant future..FB. might be renamed ...FB Classic? Great thinking cap article .

Still, this is a Boon for Crypto and Steemit

But I do read this as a boon to Crypto and Steemit, as a whole. The fact that Face
book and google, which are the grand curators of the advertising dollar on the net tell me this is a big delveopment. So the predictions are flying that the FB team are going to come up with a FB token, to end up leading the whole crypto market, whereby the FB ceo then becomes the defacto Chairman of the new Federal Reserve of Cryptom. Wow how weird, that sounds, like the latest plot in a Batman remake.

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But this is all just pointing or (thumbing) to the fact that the big platforms have known what is coming, and now are trying to figure out how to fit block chain into their fiat clogged coggs? How can blockchain work with a fiat system without over time eradicating the need for paper money? This sounds promising. But what will brick and mortar retail, etc do if the crypto revolution speeds up this fast?

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I Iike to play financial Oracle, just for fun. What I've seen in Alice's looking glass, is quite a jump. Based on the reality show going on at the moment. I prognosticate,
if I may, that in 2 years that Steem will be way over $100 and that indeed we might be close to living in a incentive, tokenized world where you play games with ads, and other revenue sites to win tokens that will be placed in wallets for your basic needs; doing away with the drudgery of fear based obligation. But then it will morph into a Game based UBI system for all because of automation.

In the looking glass I saw the fiat dollar will be replaced by crypto, like Steem and the Hempcoin (THC)...as the perfect marriage between base line green agriculture production and high Blockchain protocol that will heal the whole realm though the incentive paradigm, finally releasing the great Human Renaissance of incredible Creative beauty that only a purely free human mind can bring. What's the ancient proverb spoken by the Gnostics , who some say are the original anarchists?
Dream your own Dream and live your own Myth

Iron age to golden age? You tell me. Right now its a bumpy ride, but Im HODLing
on to my dream.

I appreciate your comments, witticisms, and feedback.


I usually avoid rubbing it to governments,big corporations, bankers and such with the power of blockchain and decentralisation and freedom coz they have far too much of an ego and would not stop to bring down something still in it's infancy with much ease. They are not emotional yet they creat alliances where an enemy's enemy is a friend. So two entities which were corporate or govt enemies come together hard on the decentralised ecosystem. i urge eb=veryone to heed caution and always stay humble when station this. IMHO we aew witnessing a revolution and could very well be at a point that this can't be reversed but if it can be contained, i say we play small and keep building the platform. :0 My two cents, liked your post and hope you create lots and lots more content for me to like. Apologies for being frank and paranoid:)

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Well I wish I could say I was that optimistic, things are bumpy.I agree that Facebooks consideration will send waves through to the big players on the net...crypto will not be denied. Yes and a fiat base enonomic model might not make it on the clean luricant's of the BlockChain.
Great post.

I wrote an article about this yesterday.

There is no way, even if Zuckerberg wants to decentralize, that the big banks who hold his stock will allow it. Marky Mark has a unique structure with FB in that he doesnt own the majority of the stock but his voting power overrules all. So he is free to do what he wants.

However, the bankers are free to dump his stock if he goes awry. Decentralizing is going to cut into the profits which will not sit well with them. Since they own more than 30% of the stock, their selling would collapse the price.

I would applaud FB if they truly decentralized and introduced 2 billion people to cryptocurrency.

Yet I do not see it happening. The FB token will be nothing more than a controlled database.