Royalty and Authority Worship- The Mental Disease Which Keeps Us In Slavery

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So another Royal baby for the mindless masses to worship over in the UK. Of course it's not the babies fault, its just unbelievable how much love and affection is freely given to parasites who have never done a proper days work in their life, and sponge off the British tax payer as the Country is infested with austerity and homelessness. What makes it worse is that the Queen sits in a golden chair wearing a golden hat and lectures us all on the topic. A women that owns most of the land in the World and has just been granted 7 million pounds from the tax payer for a refurb on Buckingham Palace!


Why is it that slaves love their slavemasters so much? Its Stockholm syndrome at its finest, and I write about it extensively in my recent book. The streets are lined with flag-waving morons anytime there is a birthday, jubilee, or she takes a dump! WHY? Here is a women who with the stroke of a pen on a chequebook could wipe out all the debt and poverty, not only in the UK but Africa too! But she doesn't does she? She sits there like the souless empty shell that she is telling us all how we need to buckle up for hard times, and how this 'Great Country will overcome this to see brighter days'!

Why is it that just because you happen to be born into a certain bloodline this automatically guarantees you extra rights, financial help, free land, and hero worship? What has anyone in that family, or indeed authority as a whole, done to deserve such acclaim? Is it that we are so caught up in the ritualistic Nature of all the events that we forget that these people hold the whips as we rattle our chains? Are we that dense not to see this game for what it is? Its beyond a joke and it needs to stop if we are to get anywhere.

We have to realise that we are ALL born as SOVEREIGN beings by the grace of the Universe. Nobody is better than anyone else or is deserving of more rights and freedoms. As long as you adhere to the only law there is which is Natural Law 'cause no harm or loss to other beings' then NOBODY can tell you what you can and cannot do, because nobody has that authority over you, they never have, and they never will. It is merely your diseased mindset of social conditioning and mass media mind control that has programmed you to think others are more worthy than you. This is what they want you to believe as it gives them more power to harness your time, money, emotions, and energy.

Know this you are POWERFUL beyond measure and they fear the day you ever figure it out!


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The mere fact that people still believe there still has to be something like royalty is pretty, many are thinking that these people "don't count anything" because we live in "democracy"....not so, they're at the epicentre of pretty much all the scumbaggery that's going on in the world.

We are living in a mental asylum my friend!


Nobody is better than anyone else or is deserving of more rights and freedoms.

I have been preaching about this but people still don't get it.

Yes its a collective mental schism that needs to end soon if we are ever to become truly free.

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