The City Of London

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When I moved to LDN in 2016, I lived for 3 months right in the middle of the Royal Justice Courts as a legal guardian (technically a legal squatter where you are vetted by an agent & take care of buildings rather than them turning into a crack house). Our building was an old accountancy building with 5 floors. It was fascinating living in this district as it is the richest hood in England.

St Pauls Cathedral an energy vortex dome

City Of London is the oldest part of London where the 1st roman streets where built back in AD 43.

View from St Paul's steps on a Sunday evening when nobody is around (The statue is of Queen Ann & has been standing there since 1710).


It is where capitalism, the monetary system was invented. The City Of London is a corporation where English citizens pay their taxes. It is technically illegal but who is going to bring them to the justice courts as the royal courts are owned by the City. They have their own special police force who are way above MI5 .. True Mercenaries applying law enforcement through out the walls of the London Corporation. Everyday the streets are walked by lawyers, judges, bankers & media except on Sundays where the streets are empty.

River Thames - St Pauls in the distance

London Bridge - where the City ends ..

Goddess Fortuna - symbols to expect in the heart of capitalism

This prestigious areas where the knight templars gave rise where you can feel the energy is high with a force rushing through it that is uncontainable.. I was in awe of all the symbols, of the mystery of this giant historical enigma.

Shell centre @ the London eye (technically not in the Corporation of London but over looking the River Thames from the other side of the City of London

London Eye

Wandering the empty streets on a Sunday

St Albans Church Tower

The heart of the City

Barbican Centre from my eyes looks very Orwellian - yet a fascinating space for the Arts & Culture

Rainbow @ London Bridge

The City of London also known as square mile is walled in by dragons. You will find them at each edge of the City.

View from Whitechapel (Outer edges of the City) of the Gherkin. Landmark building at St Mary's Axe in EC3 at Liverpool Street .. Centre for High Business)

Shell Centre - Creepy Corp;)

The City has an appointed Lord Mayor of London not to be confused with the mayor of London who is voted by the people. The Lord Mayor of London is so powerful that when the Queen of England comes to the gates of the Corp, she bowes to them (not the other way a round) Technically, the Queen & all her jewels are owned by the City.

Literally meaning "Lord Guide Us" City Of London Motto / Mantra

Most English people don't know this about their country & I do hope I offend nobody in this post but yeah the people of England pay taxes to a corporation that is not publicly owned which again is completely illegal but yet nothing can be done as the legal system is owned by the corporation.

It is what it is .. but It is definitely good to be aware of what is happening in plain sight. I know so far that the same type of corporate governing happens here in Ireland too as we are part of common wealth, i guess it is wide spread through.

Maybe you can tell me more about the system in your country, how does it work ?

All I can suggest to us, is to create new systems within the system. Systems of honour, creativity & empowerment where humanity can take back the power that was stolen for so long by greed & abuse of power.


This post is recall of my experience in the London Corp. It is subjective but yet factual.


If you are into Symbolism & symbolism in London, Check these videos on Youtube by blogger Swilliamism :


Very cool! Thank you! I find other places so interesting, and what you showed me about London was v unique!

aw that's super nice to hear. thanks :)

Haha, I immediately had to think of swilliamism, the name just didn't come to mind.
Had watched some videos by him a long while ago.

BIS in Basel, Washington DC and I believe the ESM+EFSF structures of the EU have somewhat similar structures but I am not entirely sure. More I don't know of.

Yes & there is energy vortex dome in Vatican, Paris, London & Washington DC! haha yes more of what we don't know lol.. good to not know sometimes ;)

very interesting and a micro world view of london. seems like a fascinating job to take care of old buildings. enjoy yourself

yes indeed. I did enjoy myself .. now I am enjoying myself in lovely sweet Ireland .. very innocent & wild !