Yes bleep, now show everyone brian forester and the Pumu Punku Ancient Aliens episode I almost got to be in :( But I was in Ecuador and didn't stay in peru long enough with my ex girlfriend to apear in the episode, we ALMOSt got to be on the episode dang it I shoulda tried harder SEE lost opportunity people! I fucked up and I missed my chance to be in the ancient aliens episode with brian forester!

Oh orry for the terrible quality but only youtube versions up have to be kidna scarmabled sped up or distprted to avoid cipyright take does I guess? But yeah I guess history canne wants you to stream that shit on their websites with their own ads?

oldest city on earth?

These photos mae popular by @brianforester are so cool

SEXY Human!

Wow would have been great to see you on ancient aliens, you would have to make sure you had a cool hairstyle ;)

Sometimes I wonder how these guys manages to build these structures without some tools we have today.

That should tell you that humans can adjust to any situation.

The site is above the tree line so they probably did not have wood rollers and there is no example of them using the wheel in the Tiwaanaku culture

I can only imagine how these guys trained themselves to this level of mastery... like these depicts pure ingenuity.

Humans? Who said anything about Humans? How do you know super advanced Ants didn't build these? Maybe insects, who can climb walls, and lift their own weight times 3+, were able to bore out tubes and stack stones smal pieces at a time, maybe it was ants bro

lol nah just kidding I know Brian Forester I kno it was the cone head people of Paracas
Its all about that Extra terestrial x human mother hyrbid midochonrial DNA bitch! As if they placed an ET embryointo a Human Mother to give borth, like a surrogate, funy how fast we figured out how to do surrogate births and yet we don't think ancient uhumans could have ever figured it out? When it only took us what a few hundred years to go through our latest industrial revolution?

Lol I was already imagining the ants.

Never had of the pumupunku, but unraveling the mystery behind how the ancient men make such tight and strong fittings is what I don't get, will read more on it, learnt new thing - ancient Alien at pumupunku

Sacsayhuamán near Cusco in the Peruvian Andes is an interesting place to look

Yeah, thanks for the suggestion. Checking it right away. No procrastinating!

is this an ark or something? i need to go get the olden days dictionary to translate or to tell me the meaning of Pumupunku and Tiwanaku heheheh... Not sure H blocks can be found anywhere except maybe the ancient museums.

It is supposed to depict the god Viracocha entering through the 'gateway of the sun' and creating the world.

hmmm interesting

536 AD? These level of dexterity was definitely not available then. We often tend to dismiss myths for being what they are - mere myths, but often, pieces of truth can be found in them. I can't help but imagine if really they walk amongst us....

Maybe there are some on steemit? :)

Well, nothing is impossible 😂

This is evidence that a particular civilization or technological era has gone extinct instead of being passed on.

It is so clear that they did or knew certain things that we don't know now.

This is a really nice piece @bleepcoin.

It ties in with the story of the great flood from sumerian texts and the bible, perhaps the structures were built before this time and all knowledge has been lost.

Yeah, most likely. Some day, when the origin and full details of this civilization comes to light, there will be a lot to learn.

it is unknown how they were transported such a great distance as the largest stone is 131 tons

Sometimes a look at some these ancient artworks and structures keep me perplexed, even without a standard machinery and learning they still did many marvelous works.

I wonder where this knowledge came from?

Wow, this is amazing Sir Bleep.
The stone blocks must be really strong to have lasted this long.
I wonder how they were formed without machines.🤔

Maybe they did have machines? Although none have been found in the area

I thought as much.
Did you visit Bolivia?.

This is great @bleepcoin.
The Stone blocks looks perfectly finished and catchy to the eyes.

It would have originally looked dazzling to behold

Wow this is amazing. How possible is this crazy stuff out this world!!!. Thanks for sharing

Truth is stranger than fiction

if these is

part of a greater complex belonging to the Tiwanaku culture that predates the Inca's by many years.

like you've said how long have it lasted and why is every thing about it in isolated area?
sorry for the question i rely want to lean more

It could have been a landing pad for spacecraft

I so much love this post! I am just imagining the great symptoms and quality of those stones. There is nothing compared to historic art work

Ejemplo de lucha,constancia, meta, y ganas de querer hacer las cosas, antiguamente se construyo o existió y aun están allí, estas piedras que no sabemos como las colocaron o como se haría para colocar cada ladrillo que tenia un peso tan enorme, si hoy día trabajamos de manera constante es mucho lo que podemos lograr todos unidos para sacar adelante nuestros países o ciudades.


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