Yet another snafu by the same company

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At this point whatever antics these companies come up with can't surprise me anymore.

Lenovo has decided to use the tried and tested "bait and switch method" to lure in potential buyers to their new phone. What they revealed to eager consumers was a rarity, an end to all bezels on a phone that have been plaguing screen real estate aficionados for years. This phone was supposed to be the evolution of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and the iPhone X. This phone if conceived, would've put Lenovo on the forefront untill the end of the holiday season. But thanks to this "brilliant marketing strategy", they are now on the forefront for a different reason.

What product was the cause of this controversy?

The phone that has Lenovo in such hot water is the Lenovo Z5. Numerous sites picked up on it because the VP of Lenovo himself released the photos, as shown by CNET. Then, the renders came out and they definitely didn't help the situation


However, what was presented as the final product was different by a few millimeters, which ironically made it vastly different in the eyes of anyone remotely interested. It not only sported a thin bezel on the bottom but it has the controversial notch that is the current trend on newer smartphones. Basically the Lenovo Z5 and the marketing team lied to us on two fronts.

Note to Companies

The fact that people have to point this out when there are the products produced from millions poured into R&D budgets is frankly kinda disturbing. The fact that companies can't fully stand behind their products is sad because it shows they can't create hype towards a product organically. This type of misleading tactics would have a squeaky clean company backpedalling in order to keep their fans, so Lenovo doing this is far more ludicrous with all their mayhem surrounding the Thinkpad and Motorola products. Hopefully this teaches any business owner to only show what they want to sell and not a doctored up dream.

Render is from here.

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There always seems to be a disconnect between marketing departments and reality. The reality is R&D dreams it up and sends it over to production, who then in turn produces it, but marketing rarely gets a look at what they are hyping, they are normally going on the idea or concept which and can change by the time production gets a hold of it. I see this all to often in the business I am in.
Or they could just be flat trying to deceive the customer, which also has been known to happen in business.
Thanks for heads up on this.

Wow I never considered the first scenario, thank you for that. Hopefully policies arise out of this where they spend more time with production and review every device to bring out every feature without selling a dream for potential customers.

It happens, trust me, I see it with products that I sell. Not so much physical appearance of our products but performance capabilities and features. Marketing is always having to back pedal because certain aspects of the product are not enabled right from the get go when the products launch. Usually it involves the software not being fully vetted, which really takes time, I never like to sell a product on what the product will do in the future, for me it is what it will do today, tomorrow may never come when it comes to business.

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