Introducing @angry-man

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Hello Steemit, I'm @angry-man.


Lots of things make me angry so I am here to share some of my angry stories with you. Maybe you will be able to assist me in seeing sense and make me less angry or maybe you will agree and make me more angry. I expect most things will make me more angry.

It seems appropriate that I start by telling you how angry Steemit has made me already. I got so angry when trying to create my account that I had to get somebody else to create one for me. Supposedly IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MOBILE PHONE THEN YOU'RE NOT WELCOME. And this makes me angry.


I've also been warned that I will not be able to post or reply much to start with and that this will probably make me angry too. My friend (who doesn't want to be associated with me on here) thinks I'll get angry when I want to withdraw any money I've earned. He seems to think everything makes me angry. It doesn't. This picture doesn't make me angry.


That's enough about me. I would say leave a comment and say hello but if I can't reply then there's no point.


Hopefully this vote will make you less angry.

And if you power it all up you won't have to get angry trying to take it out 😊

maybe I will imitate @angry-man anger, even more angry than @angry-man because @steemcurator01 will appreciate anger 😡😡😡

Really?? This post got big vote and other new member very hard make they achievement1 only got $2. Hahaha this is so funny. And by the way where i can find source of photo?

Not fair to nice newcomers 😔

Power up all done 🚀 It was easy.


Huya ... There are many reasons to be angry, let's get angry together .... I am curious about what will be presented here, hopefully the anger that arises is positive anger ....

Why did you create an account using the same user name as me, except for a hyphen inserted in the middle?

Like I said in reply to your post, I created the account with the name I wanted. I couldn't give a fuck about you and your stupid ego. So fuck off and leave me alone.

Life is too short to be always angry. That's no fun. Learn to go with the flow. Not everything will happen the way it should be, or the way you want it to be. That's life.

Change the things you do not like and accept the things you cannot change. Or, change your perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

You are young. The road ahead is long. You have a long way to go. Be kind to yourself.

Cheers! 😊