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ZEBROID(zebra+donkey) AKA ZONKEY
This is a sterile offspring of a Zebra and Donkey, they were both classified as Mules, they occur in the wild where Zebra and Donkey populations live in close quaters particulaly in Africa

YAKALO(Bull yak +America Bison cow)
This is not find in the wild, they are created by scientist in the 1920 while conducting experiments in hybridization
very few of the Yakalo calves actually survive in the world the program was discontinue in 1928

Toast of Botswana(Sheep+Goat)
It is an unusual case in Botswana , but the amazing part of this is ...the animal is born naturally from the making of a female goat with a male sheep that were kept together.

Grizzy Polar (Polar+Brown bear)

This is also known as Grolar bear ...this bred has occur both in the wild and in the captivity

Savannah (Serval+Domestic cat)
the savannah cat is created by breeding an African wild cat called a Serval and a domestic cat

Leopon(Male leopard +Female lion)
A leopon is love kitten result from a lale leopard and a female lion . this combination give the cat a big temeprament
it was first breeded in india because of the skin 1910

cama(male cammel = female Llama)
a cama is a hybrid comprises male came and a femalw llama.. the first bred was in dubai in 1998. purpose of creating the specie is basically for the wool quality of a llama but with trace of temperament and in size an d strenght

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the beefalo a hybrid animal that produces red meat lower in fat and cholestrol than beef. most consumrs have never heard of beefalo, let alone tasted it.

Tigon (male tiger+female lion)

this is a sterile cross between male tiger n a female lion . and liger is the opposit this was made famours in the 2004 movie Napoleon dynamite

horse zebra (equine)
this is the colt of male zebra and female horse it has also been called zebrula


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