The eagle is a warm-blooded animal, hence it is called a predator

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The eagle is a warm-blooded animal, has wings and a body covered with midrib. As a bird, the eagles multiply by laying eggs that have a hard shell in the nest they make. He guarded his son to be able to fly.

Eagle is a predator. The main foods of small mammals such as rats, squirrels, lizards, fish and chickens, as well as the types of insects depending on the size of the body. There are some eagles that catch fish as their main food. Usually the eagle lives in the territorial waters. The eagle's beak is toothed but curved and strong to tear its prey meat. This bird also has a pair of strong legs and sharp and curved nails to grip the prey and sharp sighting power to hunt prey from unfathomable distances.

The eagle has a good breathing system and is able to equip the amount of oxygen that much is needed when flying. The eagle's heart is made up of four chambers like humans. The upper chamber is known as the atrium, while the lower chamber is recognized as the ventricle.

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