Time for another pet caption contest - funding for TARC

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Hello animal lovers! I hope you will join me in supporting Tazewell ARC (@tarc), a small, under-funded animal shelter in rural Appalachia that helps hundreds of dogs annually with food, shelter, vaccinations, medical care, home placement and spaying/neutering. The latter is a very expensive process that dramatically helps to reduce over-population, with the goal to push the horrible practice of euthanizing into obsolescence. Please visit the @tarc blog for more information on the myths and lies around that practice.

In this post you will find the evidence of funds distributed from the previous contest (see below - thank you, participants!) and the new contest rules. I am hoping to continue this contest as a regular event, grow participation, and increase the funds we can generate over time.

Easy ways to provide support: Upvote, resteem, and participate in the caption contest below!

Adorable puppy
Source: "Dogue de Bordeaux," by vlaaitje, Pixabay

Funds distributed

We raised a little moolah for TARC in the last contest. It's not much, but it's a start!

Here's what we raised:



I had pledged the SBD payout to TARC, so I checked SBD value on the day of payout:

SBD to US funds

Sigh. It seemed so little. And the organization needs so much. So, instead I sent some fiat via Paypal:

Paypal payment to TARC

Needless to say, one of the most effective ways you can help is through direct monetary contributions to [email protected]. But the purpose of this post is to make it super simple to help, whether or not you have full pockets. So — on with the contest!

Pet caption contest rules

Participation is simple:

  1. Upvote and resteem this post.
  2. Write a cute, funny, or heart-warming caption for the picture above, before the post payout, and add it to the comments on this post.

Previous contest rewards

Last week the first place winner received a 100% upvote, and the runner-up received a 50% upvote.
"In the lush green-scape ran a fur ball of energy, a snuggle machine skipping towards a long-away and grey-haired friend."
  • @sircork won second place for his hilarious caption:
"Handle everything in life like a dog. If you can't eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away."
Thank you again to participants!

Rewards for this contest

I'm switching up the rewards to find out what works best. Here's what we'll do this time around:
  • Every caption entry gets a 50% upvote.
  • First place and second place to be named in the next contest post.
  • SBD to be paid out to TARC.
So, writers and captioneers of all makes and models, look into the puppy's eyes for inspiration and send me your captions. #fiftywords participants, this is right up your alley!

Much love,

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Look. If I'm going to be sleeping in the dog house, I'm going to need the very best dog-house any prince would enjoying sleeping in.

Ha ha! Very clever!

"I just wanted to play hide-and-seek"

Very cute, @gaby-crb. Thank you for participating and supporting the cause!

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Thank you! The support is much appreciated, @theironfelix.

"Are you serious?"

His look does kind of indicate that sentiment!

Resting, the mutt waited for the human; the mellow moments before a yapping enjoyment.

Thanks for starting off the contest entries, @theironfelix!

"I are boxer dog."

"A puppy a day, keeps your bad mood away" ;)

A good caption as well as an awesome motto for life!

Thank you @jayna. :D

what an amazing concept, @jayna! Am I allowed to copy the format? I'd also like to try to raise some moola for the poopies 🌸

For @tarc? Oh my gosh, that would be great! You have a much wider reach. I would appreciate that so much, @princessmewmew!

upvoted and resteem anything for dogs. Here is my caption:
"uhmm Mom, I think I ate something bad.'

Aw, poor puppy! Thank you so much for your support!

Drat. Forgot to shut off the stove again.

Ha! I love that. Very funny. Thanks for supporting the cause, @tanglebranch!

I love these contests!!!

Thank you! I'm crossing my fingers they can make a difference.

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