a kind of wooden locust

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good night my best friend all her best friend my friend all her in good health always. on this blissful night's occasion I wanted to share the story of a very beautiful wooden grasshopper. and I found this gorgeous grasshopper next to my own house and I took this photo from my own camera



Habitat of wooden locusts in leaves on bushes and in trees and feed on the leaves.It belongs to the classification of the Acrididae family because it is typical of a wooden locust which is a short antenna, and there is a tympana (hearing instrument on insects) on the first segment of the abdomen.and friend see see for yourself how beautiful this wood grasshopper is so that I myself really like the beautiful wooden locusts this. and this wooden mantis are also very happy if they can play on the leaves of the green leaf daunan because they can get the food on the green leaves of the daunan


and this is all I can post on this happy night opportunity and hopefully my friends all love my post on this happy night and do not forget the upvote and resteem have me steemit friends

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