Cats heal us

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Many animals help people gain health and get rid of some diseases. Cats are considered leaders among pets, with their own disposition and character, devotion and boundless love for the owner.

Our ancestors knew that cats heal. In Ancient Egypt, Rome, Babylon, Assyria, cats were successfully bred to heal diseases. The cat was treated very respectfully, it was ranked among the deities. Tombs were found where people were buried together with these animals. Then they knew about the healing power of cats, they know now.

Currently, cat therapy is successfully used, scientifically felin therapy - methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases through contacts with cats. What breed of cat does not matter, any cat can help heal. The main thing is that she is not aggressive and is good at contact with a person.

A cat's purpose is to sit and delight. (Georgina S. Gates)

You can not resort to treatment with feline therapy for people who are allergic to wool, open wounds on the body, severe forms of nervous disorders, negative attitude towards cats.

When a cat is around, everything becomes special ... even loneliness. (James Bowen)

In families where the purr lives, immunity improves in people.

Scientists have found that cats purr in the range of 27 to 45 hertz. Monotonous purring promotes relaxation and calms the person. From sounds in this range, blood pressure is normalized, the heart rate is stabilized, and cerebral circulation improves. Hence the advice, if you have a nervous and stressful job, get a cat, it will be for you the prevention of strokes and heart attacks. Cats sense where a person is in pain and lie down on this place, thereby warming the place and relieving pain. As a result, human life expectancy increases by four to five years.

If your child has been in contact with a family pet almost from birth, the likelihood that he will suffer from allergic disorders and asthma in the future is minimized.

And the cat is also an excellent natural sedative. I stroked the cat and the problems don't seem so big. The pleasure of touching contributes to the production of the hormone of happiness - serotonin.

God created the Cat so that man has a tiger that can be stroked. (Victor Hugo)

Sometimes, when I loudly began to scold someone, the cat, Semka, came running to me, stood on its hind legs, and with its front legs, resting on my knees, began to rumble loudly. Looking at him, he immediately smiled and everything calmed down! That is, they have the ability to turn negative energy into positive, relieve stress, anxiety, anger.

Thanks to the cute appearance, graceful gait and behavior of the cat, our mood improves. After communicating with the cat, the general physical condition also improves, a surge of strength and energy is felt.

Time with your cat is never wasted. (Margaret Mitchell)

Therefore, there are several reasons to get a cat: an ideal pet, sociable, great companion and friend, heals, teaches to be kind and caring, helps, delights, surprises.

If you are tired of being the master of your home, get a cat. (Valentin Domil)

In a house with a cat, no other decorations are needed (Wesley Bates).

Life next to a cat always gives happiness and a lot of positive emotions.

Photos of our favorite Toffee.