Jungle Daily - Up Close With A Humming Bird

A humming bird passed by earlier. He knocked into the window and dazed himself just a little. He seemed happy to sit on my hand a moment just to compose a state of equilibrium before taking off, hovering for a moment in front of me then flying off into the bushes.





These were taken using my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS


Our lives become beautiful not because we are perfect but because we put our heart into what we do.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

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Great photos lovely bird, glad to see it recovered. Cheers mike

So cute Humming bird. Beautiful photography.

Great shots. You are very lucky coming so close to this amazing bird. Thank you for this pictures.

Upvoted and Resteemed. Have a nice day.

Thanks very much for your comment, it is wonderful to experience and share such moments.

WOWWW que suerte tienes de tener en tu mano tan hermoso pájaro tu energía seguramente lo tranquilizo y dejo que le tomaras tan grandiosas fotos mis felicitaciones para ti saludos

Gracias por comentar tan amablemente. Fue un momento magico.🌈🦋🌴💛

There is an ancient Nagua legend that says that only those of great and good soul can have birds in their hands. Blessed are you. Congratulations on that and on that great image. Greetings

That is a beautiful notion. Thanks so much for sharing 💛🌴🌈🦋❤️

Wow ... what an incredibly beautiful humming bird - awesome shots!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Thank you so much for your comment, support and resteeem. Wonderful ! 🔥❤️🌴💛🦋🌈

Amazing. So nice when we live as one. I’m sure he was grateful for the peaceful place of rest you provided

I totally agree, thanks. What a lovely comment ❤️🌈🦋💛🌴

Great shot without even scaring the humming bird u clicked a pic that's excellence keep posting👌❤🐦

The bird is so cute. Really amazing photography

Thanks very much. I appreciate your comments

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just a perfect shoot

WOW.... cool ... :)

I have never seen something like that!! All animals love you! You're incredible!!

Poor little guy. I'm glad he was able to fly off once he came to but what a great opportunity to be able to see such a beautiful little bird up close.

The hummingbird clearly knew you were a peaceful, loving being for it to sit there with you whilst it got its wits back. What a lovely experience for you. Thank you for sharing it with us @sallybeth23! :)

Such a delicate creature! How special to have that moment with him

Such a delicate
Creature! How special to have
That moment with him

                 - buckaroo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That is so cute! I love the red on the underside of his thin beak. Glad he was okay :)

Que experiencia tan linda! mas por que las aves no suelen hacer eso... un regalo de la naturaleza... te felicito por la foto, me encanto!

Awesome Work!

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