Photo #14 - Unique fluffy Furry Cat

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Hi Everyone -

this Furry Cat is fantastic. My Grandmom take care of him :)

Unique fluffy Furry Cat
Monday @animalphotography by @juliank

Canon 550dItalyanimalphotography

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Siamese kittens are born white because of the heat inside the mother's uterus before birth. This heat keeps the kittens' hair from darkening on the points.

@catfacts - wow, I didn't know about. Thanks for sharing this information.

Kittens who are taken along on short, trouble-free car trips to town tend to make good passengers when they get older. They get used to the sounds and motions of traveling and make less connection between the car and the visits to the vet.

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Female cats are \polyestrous

I love calicos. This one has beautiful eyes, and the way the fur looks blue by its left eye makes him look magical.

@hope-k - He is so beautiful ;)

In relation to their body size, cats have the largest eyes of any mammal.

@catfacts - you love cats so much ;)

Oh, It's cool!

@clarekang - He said " Thanks you " ;)

yeah... this cat is really beautiful. i love the eyes 😊 upvoted and followed you. checkout my collection here


He is so cute, what is his name ?
I think it would be nice to have a cat like that