Is this the same dog that’s in the anticipation post a few days ago? All’s I see is the Shepherd in this shot. Beautiful animal. Ears straight up and alert. My stepfather brought home a long-haired Shepherd when I was a kid. Came from a really good line in Germany. We called him Quell. No idea where the name came from, but he was very protective.

German Shepherds are the best kind of doggo. We always look after our families!

Yeah, same dog. She's about 50% Shepherd, 25% Rottweiler and who knows about the rest (we got her from a shelter).

If I fits, I sits!

This is the second photo I have seen of your doggo squeezing into a water bucket. I am sensing a trend!

Wonderful pet you have looks so beautiful :)

That is indeed perfectly taken shot !

If I fits, I sits :D There is nothing like a cool bath after a long days play :)
P.S. You have a great yard !

This gif is amazing! I don't think I could squeeze into a space like that

I really like how you speak like you are actually a dog. Its so funny ;D

That's because I AM actually a dog. I boop the clickies with my sniffer

2015-06-23 21.53.29.jpg

Sometimes it justs gets to be too much though

2016-02-17 22.38.04-1.jpg

HAHAHA ! Nice ! You are such a good dog :)

That would certainly be a nice yard to have, but it's a nearby park (also nice to have around). She's not the most outgoing with other dogs, but we try to keep her somewhat social.

Oh, i see! Well parks are also nice :) IMG_5426.JPG

Here is a photo of me and two little doggos :D

I have the same problem. There's only a few dogs I will go near without my hackles going up and lots of barking... which usually upsets other dogs.

Or if it's a girl doggo, sometimes I'll give her a nip so she knows I'm boss :D

She's so chill!

he swim little :)

hahaha cooling down.

hello @troglodactyl
nice pet bud he looks very pretty

that's perfectly perfect nice shot :D

a very nice pet looks very nice friend @troglodactyl

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When are we going to see more steepshot photos of this doggo?

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