The parent cat to take care of her child with affection

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The mother cat keeps her child safe and warm, and protects them from predators. mothers lick and clean them, and lick their eyes to encourage them to be able to open their eyes in time. Kittens need the help of their mothers to defecate and urinate, because they need manual stimulation until they are slightly older. The kittens at this stage are utterly powerless and will not be able to live without the help of their mothers.


To become an adult cat takes learning from its parent, As kittens get older, they can already see and waste water without help, and have started to move.

After a few weeks, the parent will start showing things to them like food and water consumed, the mothers encourage the kittens to investigate and start eating solid foods. Parent cats will also begin to teach their children about the basics of being a cat, such as to dispose of water away from food and water, keeping themselves clean, and how to stay safe. The kitten at this stage will also begin to be familiar with the owner's family, begin to socialize well, start comfortable when lifted and handled by us, and enjoy being friends with humans.


Kittens at this age are very curiosity and need lots of games to play and entertainment. The mother will begin to teach them how to hunt and catch prey, even though the prey is a ball or a feather. Watching kittens lurking and pouncing on their toys can certainly be very useful for them and funny entertainment for us to watch.


Another important factor that can be learned from a parent's kitten is how to socialize with other cats. In this case is how to socialize with their own siblings or with other cats in the house, they are the first cat to be found by the kitten. While they will tend to be wary of strange people or cats and somewhat aloof as they mature in the wild. Living with siblings, the cat will learn about social norms, acceptable behavior, and stay warm with friends.


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