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RE: Only Cute Plush Animals Allowed in this Zoo near Milan 🐘

in #animals4 years ago

Hey its Julia, we met last night at the meetup, it was nice meeting you, here is a link for the steem Quebec server: I couldn't find you on discord! I can't Remeber the other server I was supposed to give you I think it's minnowsupport :


Hey Julia, it was so nice meeting you yesterday. What a fun group :) Thank you for the links. Yes, I think those were the 2 servers that you had mentioned. I just joined them both. I'm btc_kitty on Discord.
I'm also in slothicorn.

Oh I missed the underscore I tried btckitty 😊

That explains it :) Btw, the place in Nova Scotia with wild horses and seals is called Sable Island. I want to go live there!!!

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