Crickets, Insects with Sweet Sound (Jangkrik Boss)

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Hai hai hai


Yep, this time I want to share insects whose songs can calm the sleep of the steemians. Crickets, unique insects whose sounds are so loud and not worth the size of their body. This insect I found on the leaves, and do not forget I immortalize for my upload on the steemit platform. Here I share the results of the photo.

Yap, kali ini saya ingin membagikan serangga yang nyanyiannya dapat menenangkan tidur para steemians. Jangkrik, serangga unik yang suaranya begitu nyaring dan tidak sepadan dengan ukuran tubuhnya. Serangga ini saya dapati diatas daun, dan tidak lupa saya mengabadikan untuk saya unggah di platform steemit. Berikut ini saya bagikan hasil dari photo tersebut.







Great I like your Post , Amazing @maanabdullah (Website Designer , Crypto , Digital Marketing )

Postingan yang bagus.

I just gave it to the birds. May the sound of merdunya can be replaced by my bird.

Crickets are rice for insectivorous birds. It has been proven by the chirping mania indonesia

Thanks for you commenting.
Are you come from Indonesia

Aceh, indonesia