A day in the ZOO

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On one (very) hot summer day in the city I had an idea to go for some walk around the Maksimir wood and visit Zagreb’s ZOO park. It was one of my favorite destination when I was kid and nowdays it has really been long since the last time I visited...


This is THE spot for taking photos. When you are a kid, you don’t go home from a ZOO without photo of you sitting on a lion. A must.


Like I said, it was one hot walk at noon time and unfortunately some of my favorite animals where hiding and sleeping in the shadow. But we got to see a lot of cool guys, anyhow...




And turned out to be just on time for feeding sea lions. They are a three member family and they all enjoy eating fishes (15 kilos a day each of them aproximately!?) and swimming in a cold pool. Aren’t they cool?

Big daddy


The little one is the cutest!



So hot in Zagreb these days! Wish I could jump in that pool with them!





My favorite is the monkey riding the lion ;)
Have a great weekend and stay cooool @matejka13!

It seems you had a great day at Zagreb's ZOO. I have been there when I was a little boy ... quite a few years ago. It's time to revisit again.

Absolutely, give it a try @zorank!

Se ve que disfrutaste tu ida al Zoo @matejka13

Lovely pictures. Its so nice to experience somewhere you never went by someone else's help. I heard the reputation of the zoo in Zagreb before. One of the favorite places to visit I guess when you go to Zagreb. On the other hand I am against the idea and concept of zoos. Maybe national parks or natural habitats which is arranged for the protection of animals can be accepted cause there is a much more freedom and natural life style animals can experience in these but in zoos no. Even though they are fed and behaved nicely (which is not the case in general) the spaces they have to live in are mostly very limited and away from being natural. Also in these kind of facilities you cant control the climate. Some animals in the zoo live in a very different climate in nature than they live now there. If we add the burning temperatures in Europe these days, its hard not to be sorry for those captive animals.