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A lot of it has to do with location.

Man, we sure had a lot of fun today! Yeah, we got a lot of work done too, but still. When you keep finding amazing wild animals while you are working, it sure makes things a lot more interesting. Today was no different, but the highlight was three snakes, which I share about in this video.



While we were moving our sheep and goats today, I happened to look down. At first I thought it was a Speckled Kingsnake, but in fact it was two! I'm so glad that I saw them before we ran the sheep through that gate, as they could have been killed or injured. One of them already looked pretty rough. I'll try to post some photos of these two soon.

Then, when @grandpa-pepper and I were cutting up some trees, I came across the beautiful Black Rat Snake featured in the cover photo and proof shot. He saw me as a threat at one point, hence the bloody arm. It's okay, the snake is nonvenomous and I bleed content, LOL! I love the blessing of living out near the wild, where forests and swamps full of animals are plentiful! I hope that you enjoyed the video!

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai




That picture is so BAD ASS!!!

I think that the shirt is what really makes it!

Way to represent man! Your #goldmoneytshirttour has just officially become more intense than mine!

Wow! How did you know that it’s non venomous!

When it bit me and I didn't die, then I figured it must be nonvenomous. Maybe next time...

good point. There is one really strange and sometimes uncomfortable feeling, it’s called fear. Have you heard of it 😂

I try not to use four letter f - words... no fear for me! LOL~

Honestly!! Sounds like something my dad would have said!! 🤣 But....Too much for this momma! Though, i bet even if they are venomous there's ways around it... most of the time 🙈

Simply amazing
Humans were created higher over every creature both domestic and wild lives. Having authority and dominion over them all just as you've done in this lost @papa-pepper
Nice post dear. This proof as shown me your braveness but next time please be more careful to avoid any accident...
Thumps up dear

Awaiting the next post soon.

Well said! Thanks man!

Thanks dear
You've buried the fear in me for mostly wildlife... Lol
But you've still got to be careful @papa-pepper


This is so daring...Lord! How did you get to master all of these? The kids as well? Hmmnnn!

anda terlihat sangat keren papa-pepper. Dengan berfoto dengan ular

Good morning sir @papa-pepper. Thanks papa for educating us feel like i should have some domestic animal myself

What a great blog post!!! Nice compilation @papa-pepper! What an adventure! I'd love to be that confident with snakes! That's very cool! There are very few snakes where I live. Not too many at all! Had my first salamander friend (ever!) in the garden last season! Permaculture is 🎵amazing🎶 Love your spice. Thanks for sharing ✌

I don't like this animal @papa-pepper

Thank god that it was non-venomous. Happy to see u alive!

Man you play with these wild creatures as if they are your pets. You know a lot about them

I spend a lot of time with them, interacting with them, and in their environment. Thanks!

That's great

its really afraid!! how its possible !

How awesome you love nature and always contribute to save it I keep learning from a teacher like your pepper dad you teach me to appreciate the gift that nature gave us. How does it feel to be bitten by a snake? to me the maximum that has bitten me is a sea urchin and last with a lot of fever 3 days very intense and you are stung and you are so normal seriously friend you are a teacher and an inspiration around here your Venezuelan friend greets you

"And I bleed content" omg that's genius.

I can't believe you don't care about being bitten! Haha you're crazy! But in a good way!!

"Proof of randomly finding cool snakes" 😂

I like your writing style

It was from a post I made a while back. You can check it out HERE.

omg lol! thanks. I think the same thing too when bad stuff happens. Like "at least I can write about it on steemit" haha

Nice to see the real nature. We don't get many snakes in England grass snakes on the odd adder. Always keep and eye out but their rare 💯🐒

A black rat snake is such a valuable snake to have around! They are gorgeous. But they can be tough on bluebirds and other birds that nest in boxes. Those snakes will get up in the boxes to eat the bird eggs. Still, they are a nice snake! Glad you are having fun with all that life there in the Ozarks!

I had this thing against snakes.. but reading your articles on how they live and how clever these creatures are, I'm rearranging my thinking..

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wow very nice animals

Wow this is amazing, why your hand is bleeding
You should always be careful in doing the activity,And maintain health.

I was blown away by how fast your kids grabbed the snakes when you handed them over and your son wrapped it around his neck. Hahhaha It is funny how used to the snakes they are.

You are the wild animal whisperer! They just come looking for you! I love it when wild animals interact with us. Just need to be aware when you are infringing on their territory.

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