My fur child

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I am going to participate in this exceptional competition for the first time. I hope to thank all those who are there and best wishes to all who will participate.I have a lot of respect for those who have arranged this competition. I'm a very nature loving person. I love the biodiversity of nature. It's basically that my friends know it very well and my readers know a little bit about it.

I think since it is a competition everyone here will try to give their best and write their moments and share their experiences. I hope I will share my personal opinion. I hope you like it.I respect every contestant because they write about their fur child, to be honest my love for these people remained. Because I respect those who love innocent animals.
My fur child is a little exception.I basically call him Lattu. Because he is very agile and clever. Whenever he sees me, he comes to me.Honestly, my day started with him.he is about three months old now. In such a short time, he has become my own.People have some hobbies but many cannot fulfill them due to lack of time. But I try to take care of my hobbies at the end of the day, even in the midst of hundreds of activities. So I like cows from all sides I have been interested in the biodiversity of nature since childhood which is why this habit still remains. I have a small farm of birds and animals. I try to spend time with them whenever I can. But now my interest in Lattu has increased tremendously. I have been raising her parents for a long time. The reason I raise them is because the cow is a very calm animal and gives a lot of milk. And I like to drink milk a lot and sometimes I earn money by selling milk So I like cows from all sides.
There are many reasons to like Lattu because he is very beautiful to look at and he is very dear to me because I have been cherishing him since he was a child and I spend time with him whenever I have time and I have a friendly relationship with him All in all, I am very happy that he is with me.I also like the lattu day by day because he treats me very kindly and he is very calm and when I caress him I feel like another feeling is awakening inside me and all in all I have a good time with him.I went to her this afternoon when her parents were standing beside her. Since my workplace was a little less stressful today, I went home early and when I got home I went to her and spent a lot of time with her and caressed her andI gave him food standing by myself. All in all, it was a very good feeling. In fact, it is very difficult to express some feelings in writing. I think those who keep such animals and birds understand these feelings of mine.
Lattu is just my only favorite and our family has become very fond of him day by day and everyone loves him very much.One day Lattu will be much bigger and my relationship with him will be deeper and I want to make my farm bigger through him and I will bring a partner for him in the future. All in all, I hope he will be like his parents on my farm.20200919_17033001.jpeg

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