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Greetings and Salutations today I and the Nangijala furpeople come to you with a request for help. Those of you who are on my private facebook page know that I have been going through a week of heavy relapse, pain and resulting insomnia because of it. I am Physically a wreck, extremely weak and dejected. Even on my good days the work load with the kids is a challenge, but I manage as long as things go according to plan and there are no major road blocks. Well today after a pretty harrowing night of pain, vomiting and spasms Wifi got under the fence again and was gone. I searched for him for an hour, tired crying, worried sick. Thankfully I found him but In my condition I cannot do what I am still doing without a functioning back yard and fence. Also my kids are getting older and need more attention and help. If I am to keep doing this I need help! I need help making sure that I can properly provide and take care of the kids. And I cannot do it on my minuscule 700$ income it is a disaster. I have two options give up which would pretty much ruin my life and that of my furkids or make a series of short term and log term changes that my furkids and I have a functioning and manageable routine and a decent life quality. I deserve this and they do even more.


My kids are old, well most of them are. Romeo is 14, Shadow will be 14 in few days. Mooburt and Mooria are both 12 years old, Jubilee is 10, Siggy is 8 going on 9, Zoe turned 7 last month and now crossed the threshold to senior and the three youngest are all 5 years going on 6. Mooburt at this point is special needs but he is doing really good with his new perimeters and his nappies. Still his cost of living has gone up with the extra things he needs such as wraps, nappies, baby wipes and dry shampoo. Romeo is not only showing signs of dementia but his joints are hurting and shadow is getting stiffer now too. This means the back yard stair situation needs to be taken care of , it also means i need to start giving them CNC oil regularly to manage the pain and stiffness.


Dogs make a mess senior dogs even more of a mess. Next to my financial limitations and my physical ones I face harsh work conditions i have one defective sink that holds almost no water pressure. My main water source is my bathtub. this makes things extra hard to maintain and the disgusting carpets make things even harder. I am in pain 80% of the time and i require long rest periods. Keeping this place clean is harrowing and i have been lacking of late. Which means the kids have clean living space but do not half of the time. Things have to change, this cannot keep going on like this There are those of you who have been our saving grace and without you I would have already folded up and withered. there re also those who tell me to abandon my fur family which is for me not an option and never will be as long as I am still breathing and can crawl if I have to to take care of them Those of you who keep saying that live in a dream world there are no 10 homes for special needs senior dogs )some with PTSD and mental issues). Fact either we make it or my kids will end up dead because there are a million unwanted seniors out there dying every day in shelters out there. So if you want to keep harping on me dumping my family member please don’t What I need now is financial, emotional and yes also physical help.


I have come up with a 3 tier plan on things I need and need done to make things work around here broken up in short term, mid term and long term goals and needs. Fact my condition is progressive and i have to start to get things in place that will help me now but also in future.

Short term:

The yard needs cleaned out and the fence needs to be dig proof ASAP. I cannot keep having to chase down my kids it is super dangerous for them. It also cuts down on their playtime because I am scared they will run off and get hurt.

First step is clean the yard. My Lawn guy is willing to do this for 30-40$ Which is a decent price
if you would like to help with that my paypal is [email protected]

I also need to get new collars for the kids so I can put their new rabies and city tags on them right now Siggy is the only one with a collar and it is falling apart. For this I have created the phase one wish list

Next I am going to have to get someone to dig a trench then attach chicken wire to the bottom of the fence securing it with concrete in the trench. Secondary I will have to nail fence posts to the bottom of the fence for extra protection. This should stop the kids from getting out hopefully it will cost money for labour and material I do not have an estimate yet.

The cats are the easiest to take care of but I do need better cat litter boxes. I put some manual self cleaning ones in the list that help but that are not as crazy costly as electric ones. wanna help go to the nifty list and their water fountain broke so replacements would be nice as it just cuts down on cleaning time ect. I also included a nail clipper as mine just broke :(

This is all I need for short term and i really would appreciate any help I can get as I am desperate at this point!


Mid term:

What would help me substantially when it comes to cleaning are a few things

1- a good vacuum cleaner
2- have waterhose outlet installed both in the back yard and the front. So i can hose down and clean things with weather pressure.
3- have the carpets ripped out. there are hardwoods underneath and it would just be so much easier to take care of stuff I am not well enough to do it myself I will need to hire someone.

Long term:

I need a mini deck and a ramp out back !
a- my pups are starting to struggle with the stairs and it could potentially mean that Mooburt could enjoy the back yard again as well. Now that he is better.
b- i could be out there with them and have extended playtimes and later on when I get worse I could use the wheelchair out there.

I need to screen in the porch so the kittehs have a spot to enjoy the outdoors.

I really would like a functional kitchen cooking on a hot plate with no sink sucks even if your healthy for someone like me and my limitations it is hard work. It takes me 4 hours (with breaks ) to prepare the food and feed the kids. it really is hard. At some point things need to get better .

I would like to fix the floor in my bathroom having a crater there sort of blows , also hot water would be nice as washing yourself with ice cold water in winter really is pretty demoralising.

I would like to find a few volunteers willing to take some of the kids on walks it would be good for the pooch kids.



This wraps up the bulk of this post. As I said I am at a very low point right now. Things have to change. As for our regular bills I got most of them paid this month. The pups had their health check and everyone but Mooburt got their shots. It was their 3 year rabies this time which is good because it will give me some breathing room next spring. right now all the help i need with regular stuff is about 30$ for some extra cleaning supplies around the 11th and 156$ for flea meds for the pooches. my paypal is [email protected] if you would rather put it on my vet account directly please call country side animal hospital (252) 243-6952 and tell them it is for (Account number 16331).

If you would like to help with pooch food to make my life easier or help Mooburt with his wraps and nappies here is our regular wish list and Mooburts wish list

As always thank you for your support and interest I could not do it without you.

💛love Alex and the Furries 💛

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Mini Update got the money for the flea meds and the lawn guy is cleaning the yard on Saturday.

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I can't do much right now but Ben and I take the month of August to visit new places, usually via road trips that drive me insane 'cause I do all the driving. Maybe we can come help you with some of these things?

<3 Where is you again I am in NC

gonna swoop in and do what I can, you have a support system on here even if we are the 'rogue faction" he he

I put a notice in the Alliance fam @enginewitty @thealliance @teamgood @show some loveeeeeeeee oh , and in @steemexperience

Ty <3

I resteemed it, doing my bit thats all. hope you get all the help you need

You always manage to put a brave face on things, I knew you were struggling with health but this is something else.

I'm sure we can pull together some support to get you through this, will put my thinking cap on - don't have so many as @enginewitty though

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