the Anime and Reality

in #anime3 years ago (edited)

Hi its the colllector in this days I see a post about the darling in the franxx series about many warnings and bad messages to the director of this anime
And that make my post this meme.

I know that many people likes the anime or cartoons but make cyberbullying about a character is ridiculous and the worst think that people call himself fans of this art could do.
For this kind of things the people that want to watch or meet this art leave the hobby because the idea of that a fan is a weird asocial person or inmature.
In my personal opinion all in excess is bad, it's better enjoy a series bit a bit an let the author or the director work in peace if you like his work enjoyed if you don’t like something in tv show cases change the channel or found another series to watch on the net
thanks for read see you in another post.