Great Pretender Anime Review

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I had a little bit of time to spare so why not investing it in watching a new anime? That's right, i know you would do the same as me! or not!

Anyway this anime has a total of 23 episodes but only 14 are out, at least in the site i am watching it. It aired during June 2 of 2020 by Wit studio (known for Attack on Titan among others).


So during the first couple of minutes we get to meet Edamura Masato, a young guy who is a scammer that considers himself the best in Japan. Soon they try to trick a tourist named Laurent but plot twist, Laurent is a way better scammer than him and tricks him instead.


Edamura trying to find out where Laurent is, due to some events he gets in a plain and travels with him in America. He discovers that Laurent is a way out of his league scammer that scams extremely rich people but everybody he scams is considered a "bad guy"

There's the moral code for you!

Is It Worth?

To tell you the truth when i watched the first episode i didn't think high of it but watching more and more i can say that's quite entertaining. For starters, there are different stories of people Laurent and his team tries to scam, so at least there is a variety!

Also, the animation as well as the sound are amazing. As expecting from such a well know studio, it never cease to amazes me! Moving forward to the characters and the story, everything was beyond my expectations.


The characters are solid and as the flow the stories run, the development of the characters and their backstories go with the rhythm as well. Now regarding the stories, some of them are pretty awesome and have many plot twists that i didn't expect but other are quite easy to guess.

Overall it's very entertaining and fun to watch so give it a try if you are bored!

My Rating 7/10


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