My One Year Anniversary On Steem

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Today, January 30th 2019, I have reached my one year anniversary on Steem.

Hello SteemIt, I'm Rolland, Crypto, Forex, Futures, Options, Stocks, Wealth Building Enthusiast

I joined the Community after investing in several Cryptos and after watching to @JerryBanfield, @TitusFrost and @BrandonFrye
on Youtube talking about Steem.

The boom and bust we all experienced reminds me of how the Internet was in the late 90s and early 2000s. I believe at this time and still believe that the Crypto space, including Steem has a bright future.

The main reason I joined Steem was it seemed like great forum to share how I viewed the Markets because Twitter was limited. Below is just an example, it's a AUD/JPY daily chart.

And being that the Crypto space is so new, I wanted to see if trading Supply and Demand was applicable Cryptos.  I discovered Supply and Demand is applicable because Greed and Fear run rampant in all Markets.

Another funny thing happened over the last year as well that I didn’t realize. My posts ended up becoming my trading journal. Meaning Steem has enabled me to sharpen my skills as a trader and become a more confident trader.

Posting day after day, week after week, has given me the repetition needed to finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Thus, to thank the Community for the opportunities it has given me so early on, I’m going to challenge myself again and trade Supply and Demand just using price action (no technical or fundamentals). It's really not about the money, but the process and to show people you don't need a lot of money to make a lot of money, it's about consistency, discipline and patience. Nevertheless, I'm going to attempt to turn a $600 Forex account into $1MM in 25 years.

So look out for those posts...they will be titled, Forex Price Action Baby, No Technicals or Fundamentals.

My mission remains to equip the Community with the financial literacy necessary to secure his/her future through my Wall Street Secrets Revealed Series and other posts.

In closing, I want to give a special shout out to:














Until next year.

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Congrats Rolland! We're really happy you're here and appreciate all you do.

Thanks @timm and thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Congrats to you @Rollandthomas on your fruitful one year on STEEM blockchain. Reaching a reputation of 68 within one year is no child's play. Congrats Man once again. January 24 was my mine

Thanks @uyobong and congrats to your anniversary as well.

I has been a great journey so far! Glad to be a part of it with you. I appreciate the effort and insight you provide to the community every day!

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Wow. Nice to hear about your one year anniversary on steemit. Happy

Wow man, look at you. Crushing it at the one year mark! I need to take some lessons. I'm over two years in and barely keeping up.

I'm having a ball on Steem, but equally important meeting like minded folks such as yourself within the Community.

A great year it has been reading your excellent trading posts. You have a unique skillset and a unique perspective and way of writing your posts. I think you will do very well. The $1M challenge is brilliant. It's a great way to hone your skill and a great way to get people to watch the movie play out. Wishing you another great year!

Thanks @morseke1 Its a way to show folks, trading isn't a quick, rich scheme, but with discipline, a trading plan and edge, the sky is the limit.

I, for one, find your posts very interesting, most recently your Caterpillar call was spot on.
i realised my mistake on your JetBlue post where I wrote off the smart money about a month and a half too early - doh!
keep up the good work.

Thanks @p-props, glad I can add some value to you and the Community.

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