Announcement of a new discord server: Bangladesh

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Hello, all steemian! How are you? Hope you are well. Now I am posting a content about new discord server named Bangladesh.


BOTS of this server

• Mee6 [Nickname: Bangladesh]
• Invite Manager [Nickname: BD Invite Manager]
• Rhythm [Nickname: BD Rhythm]
• CoinMarket
• Discord Tip [Nickname: BD Tips, airdrops and lottery]
• Steemit
• X-art

How these BOTS are worked?

• Mee6: When anyone join in this server, Mee6 bot welcome him automatically. Beside this bot send him DM. If anyone use bad words or send any link in this server, this bot warn him. Everyone can check their rank of this server by typing !rank
• Invite Manager: When anyone join in this server this bot show name of the inviter. This bot show total invite of a member by typing !leaderboard.
• Rhythm: Anyone can play any music in #play-music channel by typing ;;p <music name>
• Discord Tip: This bot is very much helpful for everyone. By typing $help everyone can know how this bot works.
• CoinMarket: This bot is builded on Everyone can know information of any coin by typing $<coin>. Everyone can see the latest updates of by typing $updates.
• Steemit: Everyone can see their steemit profile in this server by typing ?<steemit username>.
• X-art: Everyone can check price of LTC, ETH, BTC, XRP, Steem, SBD both in USD and BDT by typing ..price <coin>.

This server is not only for Bangladeshi but also for foreigner. When anyone join in this server he can't enjoy any providence of this server. He should go to #ask-for-role channel and read the message and add reaction in a flag. When developer see this reaction he will give him a role. Then he can enjoy any providence of this server.

Join this server



This post has been upvoted from Steemit Bangladesh, @steemitbd. It's the first steemit community project run by Bangladeshi steemians to empower youths from Bangladesh through STEEM blockchain. If you are from Bangladesh and looking for community support, Join Steemit Bangladesh Discord Server.

If you would like to delegate to the Steemit Bangladesh, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

50 SP, 100 SP, 250 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP.


I have been on the server. There is not a lot of spam and he gives away coins but not silly one's real coins. So if you already hang out in discords for coins this is one to join and do more than just get free coins.

Thank you for writing your feedback.

That's a good server. Though he is small but he is giving a lot tip . If you are still now in this server you are missing many free tips.
Again he is upgrading many things in his server daily. Though if he get some more support he can prosper. I think he is doing a good work. All need to support him.
Keep it up

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