Anon movie

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Today I will review last movie for an actress that I like, Amanda Seyfried
The movie is about therd eye technology in which a system built in side the head and eyes of each person. So everything you see is recorded and the world know you and what you do and so on, that means there is no crimes or fights, because all theses database a government property. Our heroin is who has no database at all, which in that world means that she does not exist, so how she does?
That is the case that the hero, Sal the police officer who is an honest and good person who is going to digg around, since wave or crimes start at the city and no record for the criminals. Sal think that the answer will be with the girl
Though he trys to find Anon because she is accused of bad attitude for wealth people, he find much harming crimes that has been erased by someone.
The movie is nice and will not burn the end for you by telling you more, have many joy watching it.


I never watched that one yet.