Check the comment from @transparencybot above.

so if I am reading this correctly from the transparency bot comment ,
1,461 USD before curation

He got 1461 USD worth of votes from bid bots but how come the post shows 679$ ?

Bit confused :(

The amount shown on a post are STUs

You can find out more here

Thanks for the reply , so it seems from the link that the author is making
Total USD: 1133.08 USD

I guess we can't know how much he bid for getting those votes , unless @prameshtyagi let's us know !!

He really is not making anything. If you look at what he has paid (see his wallet) and what he will get back after all curation and splitting out the SP/SBD, he will probably not do well at all. But the bots will have made a fortune and take these funds from the rewards pool.

so he is just getting exposure... ??

Exposing how bad his content is at least. I’m more tempted to flag this content rather than upvote.

Yes, at the expense of EVERYONE else.

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