5 Steps to Get an Oil Free Face Naturally


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An oily face is a common scenario especially, during summers. People with combination skin or oily skin type are the worst hit during summers. While we may notice the T-zone getting oily after the first few hours of the day, for some, it may be an aggravated concern leading to pimples, dull skin and more.

From home remedies to applying creams and lotions we have tried it all but in vain. To get an oil-free face we have to make sure that we keep our skin clean and refreshing at all times. Given that we have less time for personal care these days, we can follow a few simple steps that can fit into your daily routine.

We must remember that simply using OTC medicines will not do the job. There’s always a little extra that we can do to keep our skin oil-free and healthy. Here are a few steps that can help you get the oil-free look.

Wash your Face with a Mild Face Wash


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We believe that the foamier the face wash is the better the oil control. This is not all true, and instead the more the foam is the harsher the cleanser is since it usually strips your face of all the essential oils leaving your skin super dry.

Buy a face wash with oil-clearing properties and wash your face with this twice daily without fail. This will not just clean your face mildly by unclogging the pores and removing the excess oil but will also keep your skin moisture intact.

Use Clay Masks


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Clay masks have the ability to soak up any dirt and grime from the skin thus unclogging the pores and keeping it clean. Not just that these masks leave your skin fresh and rejuvenated with that much needed healthy glow. Use them at least twice and week and feel the results.

Eat Right


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Eating a balanced and healthy diet is extremely crucial for your skin. Your skin will thank you for following a healthy food habit like avoiding oily and junk food rich in sugar and fat content. You must rather concentrate on foods that are rich in anti-oxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids that promote a healthy and glowing skin.

Sweat it Out


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A daily exercise regime is what you must follow for a healthy body, healthy mind, and for healthy skin. The more you exercise, the more you sweat and the skin impurities are washed off with the sweat. hen your body is healthy from within, you will automatically get a healthy and glowing skin free of oil and impurities.

Use a Toner


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Yes, just as would wash your face twice a day, you must also follow it up with a toner from a reputed brand. Using a toner regularly will ensure that your skin is free of any unwanted sebum deposition while keeping the pores free of impurities and well-moisturized.

You may also go for a facial that suits oily skin, but make sure that you avoid steam facials as they leave the pores open. In extreme situations, you may want to visit a reputable dermatologist who can suggest you proper medication.


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Thanks Buddy i will try this

I have been struggling with an oily face for years. Thanks for the tips. But how's the clay mask prepared? @joyfulstar

crushed the piece of strawberry well and mix it with the rose water.
Put the mixture on the skin and massage well.
wait 15 munites and wash your face with water and do not forget to put a moisturizer.

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Good info, rep

That was beauty secrets that never been a secret :)

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Thanks for these Awesome tips

didn`t know that :)

Healthy diet is more than the right food it is also buying from the right food suppliers. Look for local farm grown food rather than mass produced gmo crops grown in minerally deficient soil and steroid / hormone pumped livestock.

That’s so correct. Love u for raising it

Thank you for the reminder. I think I know all these but I usually practise them for a while and then I forget about them. Once I got reminded, I will practise them again. Every now & then, we need to be reminded of even the most obvious things.

my face has really cleared up since i have stopped drinking soda and really limit my processed sugar intake. i also use a tumeric scrub on my face from time to time.

Great advice @prameshtyagi also very important to hydrate like you mentioned also with lots of water,cut down on oily foods and staying in cool areas.

Good post about maintaining a healthy skin. I believe Healthy diet is the most important thing for healthy skin.

Useful tips thanks

looks like melted chocolate but it probably would taste disgusting lol

I must remember that

nice post, i'm also using clay mask and it works very well, especially on oily skin like mine, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the beauty tips.
I have combined skin type.

I hope
It works for u

I like to see your post & thanks a lot to share this content with us.

i use this Technic get good result thanks

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good advice, men should also take care of their friendly skin

Healthyness is great, just focus on it rather than beauty, accept as you are. I guess it's time to be concerned on healt for everyone.

Helth is well. So I try always whithout oil. eat normal food & fruite

Natural herbal ingredients are very beneficial for the skin.Natural herbal ingredient is very beneficial for the skin because it increases the beauty of of the skin,it dose not cause harm , but the skin's brightness.The five steps that are coming up in the post are very important for the skin .Thank you very much for posting a beautiful natural herbal ingredient.

Thnx for yr positive feedback

It s better than botox:)

I can eat right but i will have hard time sweating it out . 😁😁😁

Good to know

Great article.

Great post! Thanks for this sharing :)

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omeaa threes have really helped me out

Secrets that everyone knows

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An honor can read all postings @prameshtyagi this step is very useful for all people around the world in terms of facial care, a very useful learning I get from 5 Steps to Get Natural Oil-Free Faces
Much is happening nowadays in treating faces that have no legality in terms of facial care products, thus the face will occur very dangerous red spots that will cause the face will be hurt due to chemicals that are very harmful.
It's a very useful thing for all to try to figure out how to take good care of the face. with Clay Mask, Eat right, Eat a balanced and healthy diet
This is a science that most useful for me, thanks @prameshtyagi

We win together
See you on the top

So nice of u. I try to write in different subjects

Sounds good,i hope it suits my skin.

good. really very useful

These are very useful tips for our face, I love homemade masks with honey, milk or cucumber. They are very efficient. Cheers

Good to know. Thanks for taking note

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good mask masker for skin...

excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I generally don't suffer from poor facial conditions, but it might be time for me to start trying to take some time out to take better care of myself. This is a nice post with solid explanations and suggestions.

Great Article,Very Informative

Waaaw this good post
@prameshtyagi Please vote me and follow @pakmantri

Thank you for your shared. The face has s lot of mucus that makes me feel uncomfortable going out

beauty secrets

This is a big help for all the women, especially to me since I do have oily face! Thanks for this!

I am happy for u

thank you your post and nice. good for me and ladies @prameshtyagi

Wow, thanks for this, it really educative

Although we are busy we must always remember that our health is first and that without health we can not be many of the things we would like to do
Thanks for your great information @prameshtyagi

This posts is very helpful. This information is 100% right.

I think I need to try that out. Thanks for the tips

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Very helping post , nice post , your advice is very useful ...

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @prameshtyagi

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Totally love these suggestions but me and a few other ladies use witch hazel and 3 teaspoons of dried oats which are grinded up and apply the witch hazel to form a paste to apply to the face and left on the face for about half an hour then rinsed of and that works wonders. Try this about twice a week it works.

That’s good to know. Thank you for sharing

Hi @prameshtyagi
I saw your writing, I liked it very much
I want to see something better in the future.
Be good friends.

You are doing great work on your posts. Keep up

very informative post, keep posting :)

Wow very good yours post,,,

I can try this

While I agree with many points on this article - I've had to deal with oily skin and acne my whole life - I have to say that one of the things I've discovered is that there is no universal cure. Or recipe that works on everyone. Some people break out from the same mask that leaves another person spotless, so... You have to try a lot of things before you find what works.
But good article :)

avoiding sugar including starchy food and some fruits while washing your face with good soap many times a day is a good start.take vitamins work out and sweat.

Thank you for the reply, I am better now, I've found some sort of routine and it's not such a big issue anymore, but it took a while...;)

Thank u for giving one more opinion. This adds to my original view.

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Yes..you are right. That could help for our skin care

Yes..you are right. That could help for our skin care

Good...it could help for skin n care

Good...it could help for skin n care

Great tips. You should be a beautician. Surely "

I love beauty

Surely everyone loves

Nice, good tips to take care and be healthy

thanks for the science

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Thanks @ prameshtyagi !!It just reminds me to take care of my health and look after my wellness sometimes after a busy schedule at work. This will be a big help!

Naturalopathy is good for beauty and health

Oily face is a real problem. I have a mixed skin and had to try many products in the past 20 years. What really helped me was, changing my diet. I started eating a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and my skin became normal. Also clay masks are very good for oily skin and have them once in a while. They clean my skin and leave is nice and smooth :) Now i dont use any products any more. Water and vinegar to clean my skin and a good diet. Feel fresh and good :)

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Problem. Just follow some beat practices from expert

Valuable informations, thanks a lot

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Great info.. Will try some out. Thanks

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Nice one. One method I know still is using milk on your face. Dip a cloth in milk, squeeze out the excess and rub the cloth over your face.

That is good to know

I will try it.
Thank you very much

The mask has many benefits for the skin, thanks for the publication.

Reg. your skin... I totally agree... you body must be healthy from within... I did a 5 days detox some months ago, like a proper one with colonic treatments (3x in that week!), juice fasting (2 small bottles per day only and a bit coconut water), acupuncture for enhancing the organs function, and cupping for detoxing the skin. I DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE PIMPLE ON MY SKIN AFTER THOSE DAYS! Clean you guts peeps! :)Can highly recommend it!!!

Wow. I am
Impressed with what you were able to do. I am
Planning that soon will do it

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Nice information.. Dont forget to vote back please

Excelente post. Completamente informativo. Felicitaciones, éxitos y bendiciones...!!!

Thank you for these simple and precise tips that will undoubtedly help us improve our face, in adolescence it is commonly where we perceive those changes and look for a way to improve the face since our face is the presence of which we are

Hey , thanks for sharing! i to be happy Always keep staying positive! Thanks for a nice post

‍good information and attractive view

Each of us must have a sense of self-protection, the time of developing heavy industries that affect the environment, which will affect a generation later.

True, but most people don't want to do real things, they want to do simple and general things that others are doing nearby him. Sometimes i too ha ha

Thank you very much for this tips.

Thanks brother very good work we will try it ...

THE BEAUTIFUL Free Face Naturally🌻

Thanks for sharing to healthy information 👍

This is a very insightful post, especially for someone like me with a very oily face. But I wonder if the clay mask can be got prepared or if I can make mine.

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