Sorry justin...I guess?

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Okay. Now it's clear, you didn't know what you bought. In the end ned ripped you off just like anyone else I guess. Let's make the best of it, hope this situation makes you learn a few things about decentralization.

I hope the top 20 stay as vigilant as the talk in PAL makes it seem now. We're a strong community, this could be good.


100%. He didn't know anything and he wants to do well, incentives are aligned since he is know the largest steem holder.

Your last two posts made me vote for you as a witness.

I personally always choose to see the inner light in everyone, to focus on the positive aspects, not making judgements about their apparent outward behaviour. I believe that Ned, just like all of us is doing the best he can.

As Mike Dooley always says, "thoughts become things, choose the good ones".

Much love
Ps. You have my witness vote


Just to make it clear, I don't have enough middle fingers for ned.

Well, that's ok of course, each to his own. Sometimes I play that game too, just for fun, but without bad intention, and sometimes too perhaps ego appears without me noticing and plays the game with bad intention.

I don't know the history with (apparent) Ned. I do know though (or at least as much as it is possible for this dream character in this human body in this play of life to know), that he is a part of me (true self), as are you.

Not meaning to impose my philosophical/spiritual views/beliefs, but just to shine my light (and perhaps to plant seeds).

Keep on Steeming brother.


Nah, there's no bad intentions, never. Everyone should get happy their own way. And he enjoys being an asshole too I assume.

yeah, let love and positivity rule! Had a look on your profile. Or my app is not working, or you have indeed 0 followers and i am blessed to be your first one :-)

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Strange, i have about 70 followers i think. thanks for following me, i hope to enlighten your life in some ways. Please take a look at my latest post brother:

steemy ftw

no toxic

The most inclusive community in crypto.

// star trek reference here

We’re counting on you guys! Keep the steem blockchain alive! We, The community, are with our witnesses. Stay united and we Won't be let down!


A collosal clusterfuck

Agreed, he kept talking about “Steemy”. I was so disappointed by the vision of Ned (knew that already) but didn’t know Justin was actually not so smart.
They seemed like 2 teenagers and have no idea of what to do

Having lived in china for 6 years, seemed to me that's the chinese way of pronouncing steemit lol!

I believe the way forward is IBC between both blockchain

Steem needs the investment and the public presence, its been a shitshow for the two years, a lot of people have invested thousands of dollars with no return and a token price that has only plummeted. Steem itself only got some action as a result of this speculation.

Lets see if both teams can work together and make the most of it

I hope the top 20 stay as vigilant as the talk in PAL makes it seem now. We're a strong community, this could be good.

Yeah, that is my hope too. A fork is kinda our insurance but I worry that without forking out steemit's (now Justin Sun's) massive stake now, he will basically vote in whatever witnesses he pleases at the most opportune moment.

Tbh, if they'd followed through with trying to move steem token to Tron and airdrop free tron/steem to Tron hodlers, that's is a hostile takeover, pure and simple. I feel like a token swap/airdrop waters down the steem token value that all of the content creators here have built!

Why should a bunch of Tron twitter moon boys, who can barely string a sentence together gain a portion of the value of the years of high quality writing I, and others, have put in to steem? What happens if the majority exchange their steem tokens, and then a bunch of Tron hodlers get thousands of tron/steem tokens? I'm pretty sure it would cause two effects; the overall lowering of price of Tron/steem tokens (Tron hodlers won't care because to them it's free money), and the proliferation of shit posts with high reward/influence that hasn't been earned or paid for by these new airdroped dolphins, orcas and whales on the new Tron-based platform.

I'm hopeful that the top 20 witnesses can convince Justin that it's in his interests to work with, and support steem blockchain to increase the value of his stake... but i don't think he's interested in anything other than trying to coerce the community on to Tron.

Only time will tell, I guess.


Not sure if sorry is the right word.

Obvious he doesnt know what he got and all his answers were pretty vague in terms of time frame.
Yellow alert all the way.

Yeah, the communities built on steem aren't weak handed, nor buyable. Some of us have been through the highs and lows, some of us have come looking for a way to build our presence and stayed for the friends we've made, and groups we've found. Some even came through the games, and gambling, but, more of us have integrity, and sticking it through for the shared desires to be uncensored, uncontrolled, etc. While Tron fanboys may call us toxic and childish, they seem eager for more free money. We stand by our beliefs for the chain, and react to any chance of the chain's integrity being brought into question. And I love that the witnesses all banded together to ensure that they hold us in their regards, and actions for the chain.

I wonder how many million Ned walks away with in all of this?

70 Million. I'm sure he bought a new car already.

70 million dollars? seems like he was overpaid. I think it was 70 million SP

That is probably more accurate.... so probably $14,000,000.... still not bad. ... only $7 million if it was sold at 11 cents. If sun paid $ 7 Million he already doubled his Investment... he could sell it all today for a 100% Profit.

Still not bad!

He was able to Cash out all his Steem without cashing out any of his Steem. No need to Power down .... just cash a big check. ha ha ha ...

He will find out of what a pearl he has shares of now.

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