Berminal App On Play Store. Earn Berm Coins On Your Phone

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Today I am going to talk about a coin named Berm. The name of this coin came from Blockchain & Terminal. You need to download an App from Google Play Store. The name of this App is Berminal :Blockchain & Crypto News Platform.


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You can earn tokens and learn lots of things about cryptocurrency, bitcoins and also about airdrops. This App is a live news platform of cryptocurrency which has full time reporters and staff. This reporters and staff creates content about different kinds of cryptocurrency. And these content is created in 11 languages. This is one kind of social media.

This App also brings prices, trading indicator for 300 assets of currency.

Here is the rules of earning Berm Coin

How to earn Berm Coins

  1. By Signing Up in this app you will get 100 Berm Coin for free. And if you use any refer code that you will get more 50 Berm Coins for free. So by signing with refer code you will get 150 Berm Coins for free. If you want you can also use my Refer Code bb635f60

  2. Everyday you can vote 10 posts. For each vote you will get 1 Berm coin. so everyday you can earn 10 Berm Coins by giving votes to the contents. You can also vote more than 10 posts but you wont get more coins.

  3. Everyday you can participate in Quiz. Everyday you will get two or three quiz's. There will be a content of quiz, you need to read the quiz content carefully. then you will be given a question with four options, If you get the right one you will earn 2 Berm Coins. So if you give the right answers of those quiz's you can earn 6 or 8 Berm Coins per day by Quiz's.

  4. There is a prediction game called ** Crypto Psychic ** in this app. What you need to do is prediction, the more closest you predict about the rate of Bitcoins the more you earn Berm Coins. This one of the easiest way to earn Berm Coins.


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  1. After signing up in this app you will get your own refer code. The more you refer the more you earn Berm Coins. For each refer you will get 50 Berm Coins and the person you refer he will also get 50 berm coins.


  1. After earning 500 Berm Coins you can withdraw that amount of coins in your ether wallet.

  2. You need to verify your Berminal app by using KYC. It will take few days to verify your account.


If you are working in different projects of Cryptocurrencies that it will be more beneficent for you because you will be able to get up to date news of cryptocurrency news everyday.

so go to the playstore and download the app as soon as possible

or use this download link:


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