Create slideshow (web gallery) or PDF from the image

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Create slideshow (web gallery) or PDF from the image

A software called Adobe Bridges is provided with Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop has taken a lot of things in the bridge. You can create a slideshow (web gallery) from the Photoshop image (or any image) using the bridge, or you can create PDFs in all places.
Learn how to do the job.
. Open Adobe Bridge.
. Open the folder that contains the images in the floder.
. Select images. You can select specific images using Ctrl-Click.
. From the toolbar, select Output - Output to Web or PDF.
. On the right, select a page preset from the document section. You can select a printable paper size for PDF or use Web or Photo.
. Fix a size. Generally 800-600 may be a good choice for all kinds of monitors for use on the web.
. If you wish, you can use the passwd.
. To view each image one by one, select One Photo Per Page in the Layout section.
. If you wish, you can use different headers, footers, file names, etc. for each image.
. Fix the options in the playback options whether the full screen can be seen or whether it will go to the next screen or not.
. By creating web galleries, type the name of the gallery, your name, e-mail, etc.
. Take a look at the preview.
. Save everything by right-clicking on save button.

This site has a tutorial on other uses of the bridge.
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