Photoshop in 3D model painting

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Photoshop in 3D model painting

Those who make 3D models know how timely it is to get the desired color after making the model. To make a model of a man, he has to make the right size bitmap image in order to give it a perfect color, and he has to set up a zodiac. Still, there are some problems.
Photoshop can be used to paint directly on the 3D model. Whether it is a 3D studio Max or another software.
For example, 3D Studio Max is being used.
. Create a model in 3D Studio Max. Here T-pot is being used, you can use any model.
. Export with export command in 3DS format. This format is used to take software from other software to another software. Photoshop can also use 3D Max format. Use OBJ format for Maya software and other 3D softwares.
Import the model into Photoshop
. Create a new document in Photoshop You can create a new document of any size by keeping the background transparency.
. From the menu to 3D - New Layer from 3D File
. Browse and save the saved 3D file. The 3D model can be found in Photoshop.
Using the Object Rotate tool in the Photoshop toolbox, you can turn and rotate 3D models and move them.
Paint Photoshop
. If you notice a layer for the imported model in Photoshop, a special sign will appear on the bottom of the layer. This means it's a 3D layer. Double click on this icon and get a new dialog box named 3D Material.
. Click the third of the 4 icons in the dialog box. Here you will get the texture named default. You can use it directly or create a texture named New to facilitate work understanding. Click Default and select New Texture and type a name. The name can be seen in the layer. In order to do this, you will get the benefit of painting as a toddy in the texture layer (like filing with a specific color) if you wish.
. Select the color that you want to paint.
. Select paintbrass.
. Paint the place where you think it is convenient on the 3D layer or on the texture layer.
Save and use Max
. After the paint's work, enter the 3D-Export 3D Layer command from the menu.
. Save the file in the new name WavefrontOBJ format. You can use JPEG as texture format. This will save the texture in a separate file as a JPEG image file with a 3D file.Import Max
. Give the Import command to the 3D Studio Max.
. Select the 3D file.
. Select the file (texture).
Painted new models can be found.


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