Seems like plenty of fish in there.

Any good fish stories?

Yes this one time we were all having an awesome time and catching lots of fish then this douchebag arrived and said he had acquired the lake and will be swapping it for a pile of dogshit

Cool story brah!

I've been stopped from fishing on private lakes before....but they were obviously private before I started fishing there. The fish we were catching are locally called Crappies and Sunfish (seriously).

what about punishing him?

Similar to Nice photo comments. JK anyway.

I miss fishing period!! Lol!

I wanna live here on these kind of places isolated from a lot of people during this time of quarantine. With the fish to eat there im sure i will live even how long the lockdown would be.

Come and visit us in South Africa amigo, I will show you a spot where you can catch big Carp every 5 minutes Lol

It is a beautiful picture. It might be a good place to meditate there!

The effect of self isolating I guess

Awesome place !

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