This past weekend was my son’s 14th birthday, and my wife organized a kickass party ...

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... for him at the local Virtual Reality joint. The place is pretty cool as it has several areas with VR headsets that contain a plethora of games. I tried out the sports package and was dreadfully awful at the basketball...sinking only 1 shot out of about 20. I did block a shot as I channeled my inner Mutumbo...finger wag and all. I did however get to showcase my skills at Dr. Mario on the retro system. I gave my wife a true walloping as she complained that she hated the game. I just kept gloating until she quit. There were also some flight & driving simulators, and a row of about 10 high end gaming computers that a bunch of the kids were playing Fortnite on. That was a bit baffling as they are at a VR cafe with cool shit you can’t do at home...yet they chose to rock the free game they have all played a gazillion times already. I don’t get it but I’m an old out of touch 40 year old now so...


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Yea we had the same here everybody was playing Fortnite when there was a ton of consoles available and new VR with many different games, I didn't complain as it meant we had the rest of the place mostly to ourselves.

Yeah it was just a bit baffling. Now my kid wants to save up to get the Oculus headset even though we have the VR headset for PS4.

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dude...a kid at heart! that doesnt change :D

Always. Lol. We are playing D&D tonight! Lol

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...old out of touch 40 year old now so...

In your prime more like it! Lol

Hope you're doing well mate. Don't worry about not sinking those baskets...I reckon you'd play the shit outta Space Invaders right?

It’s just beginning is what I like to say!

Sadly I’d still suck at Space Invaders. Now Kaboom...I was a master at!

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Kaboom dominance over one's foes is just as worthy as glorious Space invader victories!!..and congrats from here...

Thanks a ton. Ever do some VR?

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..not until now..but would like too and maybe I will soon...but I would like more than games to do things like, for example, I saw on tv that it’s possible to explore old buildings like the pyramids or the amazing mosque in Istanbul which was a church these trips you can fly around, no walls or borders’s possible to watch this 3D-tour online, but of course that’s not what I or we mean...anyway, cool stuff..

That seems amazing. I definitely think that VR can be an amazing tool...not just a gaming device. Let’s hope we get to see it flourish in time.

,,haha, that’s what I was thinking too..

haha how cool man, I will probably do the same with my son ✌🏼😇

Yeah they all had a blast and the place itself is pretty cool. Doing this reminded me how much I now suck at most games though.

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You need to ground that kid for being lucky enough to have a dad who has comic shop! :)

On a serious note I only used VR one time and from what I saw it has crazy potential. A horror “movie” was pretty crazy in VR.

Funny part is he does not really give a shit about that. If I was a kid and my pops owned a shop, I’d ya e been in heaven. My kid is not a collector of any sorts. He likes and appreciates this stuff but is too distracted by technology I think. Sad.

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