Woot! Your on fire my friend 🔥💪 So true, Same in Canada so many "Sheeple"

There seems to be a kind of action power of almighty!

Science was always the bad guy, since hundreds of years, but where would we stand right now without science? You fear about your rights? That's just bullshit... Nobody want to take the rights away, they will be back after the crisis, everyone knows that. But now is the time to protect yourself and your loved ones, nothing more..

there is no "crisis" official CDC #'s have been backtracked yesterday to 36,000. I have a better chance of dying from being attacked by an Alligator at the top of Pikes Peak than i do getting "Covid19". #FACTS If you don't think the deep state want to take our rights are as asleep as one can get.

Creo que, para nadie es un secreto, de que el que hace la ley también hace la trampa. Crean las leyes a su conveniencia y a momento determinado. Para mí, no es nuevo eso. Saludos Bro!