It’s so great how you capture the colors underwater 👍🏻 when i compare it to my shitty go pro camera footage, you deserve an Oscar 👊🏻

Haha. Nice joke. Thanks 🙏🏼

yellow! beautiful🤗

woooow👌🏻that looks almost surreal👏🏻beautiful shot my friend✌🏻

for me is orange better😊

Love the colors, I bet it would look cool with a black light on it at night.

wow so beautiful !

I think yellow one so better !!!!!

It’s great to see what you see on your underworld journey... Magnificent 😊

Beautiful water..😍

Wiw, the colors ypu capture under eater are stunning, Fabulous shot my friend!

I haven’t seen one of your photos for a while. Where have we been?

Singapore 🇸🇬😉

Wow 😮😮 nice photography 🤗🤗🤗

Beautiful view 😊