VLOG #12: Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, India. what a stunning view of the Himalayas from ...

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... Kufri area. A full day of activities. This is lovely.


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no words! as usual beautiful post.
#amazing india.
have a great tour.. @crypt0lizard

Speechless, just incredible view..Resteemed

I am glad you liked 🙌🏼

awesome picture .. for a moment I thought just a picture from appics and you got 200 usd worth of upvotes, but then the video is amazing and deserve it!!!

That is the problem I got couple of times, people think is just a Picture when really is a video , that is why I put PLAY>. @APPICS is working on that also.

Thank YOU

Oh so nice , I am glad that I born in this beautiful Country

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I am glad you liked it bro

Interesting. Seems so high and beautiful. You didn't seem scared at all on the slide. Lol

NOT SCARE AT ALL, that was sooooo nice and smooth ride

@crypt0lizard Beautiful. May be I should plan a vacation there by the end of this year.

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Thanks bro. I hope you will like it. Go to Kufri also, there is a lot of activities there.

Yeah bro! Definitely I will

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Interesante publicación!! Como siempre agradable.

Muchas gracias mano

What an amazing adventure! Mountains are magical. Beautiful!

Thank You, it really is. You have to see it in person to appreciate more 🙌🏼

Awesome post... It's a place on my bucket list

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Thanks bro, Great 🙌🏼

Simply fantastic!!!

Thank You, it was. I loved it 🙌🏼

Beuatiful! But beauty can be dangerous! I always think of that. Even If I was on a paradise island...

100% true, to get there was sooooo dangerous , the road is awful. A real pain hahahahaha but is worth it.

No words, this is beautiful snowland thn anyother in india

Is beautiful 🙂

I will visit there one day...

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Is a nice adventure

Amazing view,Thanks for sharing.

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my pleasure, glad you liked it

I hope you must be enjoying your trip.

Ohhh yeahhh, as soon you get there, you start to enjoy the locals and the activities. The only problem is TO GET THERE HAHAHAHAHA what a painful road hahaha.

Haha, yeah that's very painful though. But paying this pain for getting the beautiful sceneries and lovely atmosphere is a good deal i guess.😊

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A good deal INDEED. "You will love it more, when you fighting/work for it"

I Wish i could also travel and explore the world like you, but my budget doesn't allow me to that LOL 😁

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Wow that's beautiful
Plz can you visit my page😍


I have to use google translation hahahhaa Thank You 🙂

Wow such a great view it is great to Interact with you, are you from shimla?

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Thank you 😊, No , I am not from Shimla. Hahahaha

I am a latino, from the Caribbean 🙌🏼🔥🏝

Did you enjoy the trip?
I hope you like the beauty of shimla

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Of course I enjoyed. A Great experience

Of course I enjoyed. A Great experience

Wow amazing post

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Thank you 🙌🏼

Great a nice view

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It breathes taking. Amazing view. I'm jealous.

it is amazing, I am glad you liked it.

hermoso paisaje, sabes ¿ cuanto vale el boleto para ir ahí. ?

Si mano, hermoso. El pasaje a la india salio mas o menos como 900 usd$, pero el tour completo es otro precio, dependiendo donde quieras ir.

Genial, me recomiendas alguna aerolínea al lugar ?

Pues mano, hay par, la mejor te recomendaría

  1. Emirates
  2. Turkish airlines
  3. Air India

En ese orden hahhahahahahahah

Amazing. Lovely and pristine. Happy Friday.

Hope there was fun☺

OF COURSE BRO.... was fun

It remind me of 1980 when I went to Kufri with my parents. Amazing place.

Very nice place for an adventure and see pretty environment

I haven't words to say 😊
But it's really amazing,fantastic 👌👌

Yes, its really is.

Yeah abaolutely😇

Wow that's beautiful 😍

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Awesome Post....Covered beauty of India

Thank you 👍🏼

Awesome places. You have a very interesting journey.

Thank you , is a bless 😊

Always worth it .... And a little correction in video you wrote Himalaya Pradesh instead of Himachal Pradesh

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Thanks man, I noticed 🤷🏻‍♂️. I am hoping the people get it 😂

great! natural wonders

Yes, is beautiful

it's just like our paradise kashmir

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Non ci sono mai stato,bellissimo paesaggio spero un giorno di vederlo dal vivo

Beautiful! I hope to go someday.

Yes, is nice. Try it

for a moment I thought just a picture from appics

yes, APPICS is working on it, that is why I added PLAY>

Nice green place :)

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Yeap, very nice place

it remind me of 1980 when I went with my parents. Amazing place.

Hello, it's a lovely picture, but I find it over-valued.

Flagged for disagreement on rewards.

Dude, is a video, click over the image to see the video.

That is why I add PLAY>

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thank you, glad you like it.