Looking Snazzy At Chelsea’s Wedding I Was The Groomsman, Videographer & DJ 😅 So Glad I Pulled It Off 👍

in #appicslast year (edited)

Stoked to see some of the shots my fiancé took include me in action 😅 starting music and controlling the GoPro from my phone. What a day that was and so many great photo’s to work with. What I am curious to look at is the video footage from the kids 😝 I handed them an old camcorder and said go nuts. There will be lots none usable footage but the few good clips should be priceless 🤞

Been working on the video project starting on images, doing a social media photo recap first before starting into the serious video work. Planning on creating many short social media videos, may or may not get the first posted today. I will even have a Jerry point of view 😅 Chelsea loves the cute little goofy clips I put together so one of her wedding day seemed fitting.

❤️ Great Shot Hunny, Don’t I Look Snazzy ❤️

What do you say... does @meckasauras have the eye? I think so!

@d00k13 Out

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