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Imo, Gates is a psychopath of the highest order and unfortunately, is rich enough to be able to influence governments. I don't know if he was involved in releasing the current pandemic, but he probably knew it was coming. Too many "coincidences." The ongoing US - China trade war. Dr Fauci, head of the NIH, predicting in 2017 that a surprise pandemic would hit during Trump's first term. The unusually high number of US CEO resignations in the months prior to the outbreak. The outbreak coinciding with the record peak and subsequent collapse in the US stock market. The outbreak coinciding with the collapsing US credit markets. The outbreak coinciding with the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia and the resulting collapse in oil prices. The Aug 2019 shutdown of the US level 4 lab at Ft Detrick, Maryland due to safety violations. Bill Gate's "Event 201" pandemic simulation exercise coinciding with the World Military Sports Games held in Wuhan in Oct 2019 just prior to the outbreak. China's only level 4 Virology Lab located in Wuhan (plausible source of the outbreak). The five members of the US team coming down with severe flu-like symptoms just after arriving in Wuhan and being treated in a Wuhan hospital before being sent home early. The outbreak starting about two weeks after the end of the games among the staff of the hotel where the US team had stayed (the incubation period of COVID-19 is about two weeks). The large number of people from 66 countries participating in the games who may have been infected by the sick US team members. That would explain how the virus spread so rapidly worldwide. Dr Redfield, head of the CDC, admitting that some influenza deaths in the US before the outbreak were actually caused by COVID-19. The virologists from Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe, and the US who identified an earlier strain of SARS-Cov-2 in Australia, the US, and parts of China, ie earlier than the strain from Wuhan. This would indicate that the pandemic did not originate in Wuhan. This American flu (aka the China or Wuhan flu) pandemic starting on the centennial of the American flu (aka the Spanish flu) pandemic of 1918-1919. In early 2019, the swine flu wiped out half of China's pigs, and before that, the Hong Kong riots that wouldn't end. Unknown to most of the clueless propagandized American public, the US gov't routinely carries out these types of dirty cowardly operations against countries that do not bend to its will. This COVID-19 attack is just the latest example of a list that goes back decades.

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